Valencia Afternoons at SeaFu

Hola Amigos! Do you want to spend a weekend in Valencia? If yes, then get ready to embark on a journey to Spain all courtesy Four Seasons hotel’s amazing beachfront restaurant, Sea Fu. They have recently launched Valencia Afternoon’s every Friday where you can indulge in some decadent Seafood Paella accompanied by a glass of Cava that too by the beach. To ensure an incredible Spanish style weekend make sure to book a table in advance as this place can get really busy.

Name: Valencia Afternoon at Sea Fu

Location: Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Cuisine: Spanish Brunch (Paella and Cava)

Ideal for: A relaxed Friday meal (1pm to 4pm)

This amazing Valencia Brunch consists of a three-course meal with an ultimate pairing of Cava (two glasses).
-The first course is a bowl of delicious chilled tomato soup served with croutons.
-The second course is an unlimited round of Seafood Paella, you read it right, yes, it’s unlimited, which means you can shamelessly tuck away in a mountain of delicious Paella. The bomba rice plate is gloriously filled with mussels, fresh fish, prawns, shrimps, tangy beef chorizo and flavoured with saffron. This is definitely one of the best Paella I’ve tasted in Dubai. For all those who are unaware, Paella is a traditional Valencian rice based dish that boasts some of the finest ingredients, seafood and meat.
-The third course is a dessert, in our case it was an apple pie topped with cherry sauce. So delicious that you wish you could get one more!

For those who aren’t keen on the Paella you also have an option to choose from the restaurant’s a-la-carte menu.

My experience: (Check the video below the gallery)
-The paella is made fresh right in front of you in traditional pans and is simply delicious.
-If you are a vegetarian, the Spanish brunch is not an ideal choice. You could definitely pick some items from the a-la-carte menu.
-The ambience and the vibe will directly transport you to Spain. The tables are beach facing, the lounge area is good enough to accommodate big groups and the centre of the pathway is occupied by the chef where you can watch your Paella being cooked.

Service: The service was pretty quick considering the busy atmosphere. Abnaoub was extremely kind and got us generous refills of the Paella.

Bill: Dhs 250 per person for a 3 course meal + 2 glasses of Cava

Contact: 042707777

For one of the best Paella servings and a Spanish atmosphere, I highly recommend you try this brunch. I absolutely loved it!


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