It’s amazing how the number of Japanese restaurants in the city are multiplying. TOMO by Takahashi, being the new one on the list is my absolute favourite, especially their outdoor terrace. Perched on the 17th floor of Raffles Dubai, this place offers you a panoramic view of the city’s beautiful skyline. In this chaotic life, you’re always looking for something that diminishes your worldly worries, a place which makes you forget about everything else. The outdoor terrace at TOMO is just that, perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine, watching the glittering city lights and admiring it all.

Name: TOMO

Location: Raffles Dubai

Cuisine: Japanese

Ideal for: Sundown or Dinner

My Order:
-Agedashi Tofu- fried bean curd on sweet soy sauce topped with raddish and dry fish flakes. The soft and creamy tofu soaked in sauce is delicious and must be enjoyed as soon as it arrives on your table.
-Prawn Tempura Maki Roll- can never go wrong with this.
– Ebi Tempura – deep fried lightly battered prawns that are crisp and perfectly seasoned.
-California Maki Roll, an all time favourite.
– Chicken Yakitori (grilled skewer) – was extremely bland and looked semi cooked, a dish you can give a miss.
-For the mains, we tried the Curry Soba – buckwheat noodles in a chicken curry. As our waitress had predicted, it wasn’t the best.
– Maccha Roll Cake – a green tea cake with red beans, strawberries, cream and sesame ice cream, probably the weirdest combination but worth a try if you like to experiment.

The dishes here are true to the authentic Japanese cuisine, very different from the other restaurants. Also, I would suggest you go by the recommendations given by the staff. I would definitely love to come back for the Toubanyaki and Wagyu menu.

The Experience:
-The restaurant is divided into three sections – TOMO views, a bar that offers a stunning panoramic view of the glittering skyline and a DJ spinning lounge music. The second is the restaurant section, the interiors are modern with a lot of understated Japanese character, perfect for a sit down dinner with family and friends. Also it has its own outdoor formal dining terrace overlooking the Dubai creek. Third is the Tatami Terrace, the first of its kind in the Middle East, where low tables are set up on a Tatami floor offering breathtaking views of the city.
– Also you can prebook a shabu shabu table (would have loved to try this one) For private diners, they have separate enclosed areas.
– The outdoor section was busy on a Friday night, but since the place is huge getting a table will never be a problem.
– The view is simply outstanding! You can relax and watch the city’s glittering skyline while you enjoy your meal, making it the most stunning ambience for drinks and dinner.
–Love the fact that you can sit indoors and still get a view of the outside.
– The menu has some amazing traditional dishes that you can only find in Japan. The extensive and vast menu is a proof that Japanese food is much more than sushi.
– They exclusively import Halal Wagyu Beef from Japan.

Service: There was plenty of staff and very helpful. Please go by the recommendations given by the staff. I tried a dish otherwise and failed.

Bill: AED 700 approx (with a bottle of wine)

From sushi counters and shabu shabu tables to Tatami seating and a terrace with glistening views, this place is absolutely worth a visit! I would happily go back again, next time to try the other items on the menu and book a seat on the tatami floor!

Contact: 04 357 7888,

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