Reform Social & Grill

If you’re looking for a true British gastropub experience then you must try Reform Social & Grill. Tucked away in a beautiful set up in The Lakes, this quintessential British tavern will take you back to your days in London. Think wooden interiors, classic furniture, brick walls, vintage paintings, dim lighting and chesterfield sofas along with a traditional meat roast, that’s what this place is all about. Set over 15000 sq ft, this place offers a whole lifestyle experience ranging from a restaurant, bar, ice cream parlour, children’s play area, coffee shop, The Orchard (outdoor cinema), scenic lake views and much more.

Name: Reform Social & Grill

Location: The Lakes, Dubai

Cuisine: British Food

Ideal for: A traditional British Roast, also the perfect place for a family lunch/dinner.

My Order:
– Smoked Chicken Salad- The crisp lettuce, avocado, cheese, croutons and cherry tomatoes along with perfectly seasoned smoked chicken make for a perfect appetizer (especially if you’re into eating healthy). Also the portion is large enough for two.
– Honey Mustard Pork Ribs- The ribs were moist, tender and juicy without being too sweet. This was served with a slaw of red cabbage, apple and hazelnut.
– The Sunday Roast- UK’s national dish and a special at this restaurant is a must try. This meat roast comprised of chicken and beef cooked to perfection accompanied with a side of roast potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes soaking in the most delicious warm gravy served along with Yorkshire Puddings. It can’t get more British than this!
– Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter- The combination of the prawns with garlic butter and capers was simply amazing. If you plan to order this make sure you ask for de-shelled prawns or else be prepared to make a mess.
– The famous Sundae- If you are an ice cream fan this one is just for you. Rich in taste and texture, this Sundae is made up of three homemade flavours, layered with crushed cookies and topped with cream and cherry. But be prepared, its quite sweet.
– Sticky Toffee Pudding- This was my favourite! A bite of the soft pudding soaked in decadent toffee sauce and topped with vanilla custard is the perfect end to this amazing meal.
– For drinks I tried the Victorian Fruit cup which is lemonade and ginger beer topped with fresh fruit, cucumber and mint. On a hot sunny day it’s just what you need!

The Experience:
-The restaurant has a special breakfast and kids menu too.
-On a Saturday afternoon the place was crowded and buzzing with couples, families and kids setting the perfect vibe.
-It is the perfect dining experience for families during the day and a lively bar and restaurant by night.
– It’s the closest you can get to a traditional British experience. The whole vibe, location and atmosphere of the place gives a certain laid back holiday feel. The pub will remind you as if you were dining in a quaint spot in UK.
-They are very generous with their portion sizes.
-Please make sure to reserve a table as the place is always running full on weekends.

Service: The staff is very friendly and accommodating. We were served by Darwin who gave us some incredible meal suggestions.

Bill for two: AED 600 approx (after ordering quite a lot)

If you’re craving for the good old-fashioned British meal, then do give this one a try! I would definitely love to go back, next time for their lamb shank.

Contact: +971 4 4542638,

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