Pappa Roti

Renowned for its signature buns, this coffee chain has created a huge buzz in the Middle East. Going by the tagline, The Father of All Buns, this definitely is one! Every time you cross Pappa Roti cafe in Dubai Mall, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread will force you to try one. If you reside in Dubai or visiting here, this cafe should definitely be on your list! Trust me- No one can eat just one.

Name: Pappa Roti

Location: Sunset Mall (several other locations in Dubai)

Cuisine: Buns & Tea/Coffee

Ideal for: Coffee sessions

What to order: Cafe Latte with Bun. I have absolutely no words to describe how delicious the bun is. On the first appearance you might wonder why are people making a big deal out of this. But when you sink your teeth into the outer layer you will realise that this is no ordinary bun. The inside of the bun is soft and fluffy with a crisp coffee layer on top that gives the perfect crunch when you bite. When you reach the middle of the bun there is a huge dollop of butter that blends with its sweetness and melts in your mouth taking you through a tantalizing journey of flavours and textures.

My Experience:
– This cafe has a great selection of teas and coffees to choose from.
– These buns are freshly baked minutes before serving.
– There are several dips and toppings to choose from, such as chocolate, Nutella, caramel, strawberry etc. My favourite is the Nutella. The delicious hazelnut flavour just adds to the richness of the bun making it gooey and delicious with each bite.

Service: The staff is extremely sweet but do make sure to mention you want fresh hot buns.

Bill: AED25 (extra charges for toppings)



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