There’s something so fascinating about food trucks. Every time I would watch Eat Street on TV, I always wondered if they would ever bring something like that to Dubai and Voila! Here it is.

Even though it’s not a mobile food truck, it at least looks like one. This metallic shiny silver truck delivers the most delicious gourmet burgers in town. The hip beach eatery needs no advertising and relies completely on social media (@findsalt or #findsalt) What’s the best part? It’s right on the beach.

Name: SALT

Location: Kite Beach

Cuisine: Burgers and Shakes

Ideal for: A relaxed beach meal

What to order:
– X2 Hook, a 2oz Wagyu Beef slider, which is juicy and flavourful, covered with melted cheese, crisp lettuce, jalapeno slices enveloped in a soft butter bun that melts in your mouth.
– Cheetos Chicken Burger is my all time favourite here.  A deep fried crisp chicken is topped with melted cheese and covered with a butter bun. The Cheetos are the surprise element here. Love the idea of having chips in your burger (a very traditional thing here)
– Cheese Fries (They’re yum)
-Mint Lemonade (So refreshing)

My Experience:
-I absolutely love how uncomplicated the menu is.
– All their burgers come in twos, I wish they had an option to buy one. But on the bright side, they’re so tiny that they will slip into your stomach even before you know.
-On a sunny afternoon you expect it to be an empty spot, but to my surprise was a bunch of beachgoers and locals queuing up to grab their favourite burger.
-I love the way the brand has set up their campaign with a little mystery. People were supposed to #findsalt on instagram, to find the truck’s last location. But due to their instant success, they now have a permanent spot on Kite Beach.
-For all the vegetarians, it’s only the french fries that you can try.

Service: The Salters are very friendly. Since the meal is easy to prepare, the wait is never too long.

Bill for two: AED100 approx


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