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London’s popular eatery, Burger and Lobster has finally set it’s foot in DIFC creating a huge buzz. What differentiates this from all the other restaurants is it’s really simple menu consisting of only three items- Burgers, Lobsters and Lobster Rolls. Is it worth trying? Read more to find out!

Name: Burger & Lobster

Location: Burj Daman Building, DIFC

Cuisine: Burger & Lobster only

Ideal for: A casual night out

What we ordered:
Since there are only three items on the menu, we decided to try them all.

Lobster: We ordered for the grilled lobster which came with a side of lemon butter sauce, salad and fries. Even though it was delicious I found the lobster too chewy. On asking my server he said that since it’s steamed first and then grilled, it’s bound to be chewy, which I wasn’t too pleased with it.

Lobster roll: Served in a fresh buttered Brioche, this famous Lobster roll was something that I was excited to try. Filled with a cold mix of lobster meat, mayonnaise and lemon butter garlic sauce, this was refreshingly delicious.

Burger: The 10 oz Wagyu burger was juicy and big in size. The beef was grilled to perfection, Medium Well, just like I had ordered. Filled with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles, this was good but honestly, I’ve had better.

-Firstly, the menu comprises only of three items, Burgers, Lobsters and Lobster Rolls. So if you’re a vegetarian or you don’t eat lobster and beef, steer clear from this place as they have no other choices.

-The interiors are wooden, rustic with red bricks and dim lighting, more like an American casual diner. At the entrance you will be greeted with tons of Lobsters chilling in their tanks.

-Out of everything we tried, the Lobster roll is something that I liked. The grilled lobster and burger were just ok, I’ve tasted better in Dubai.

-Well I have to admit, the meal is a little heavy on the pocket. Dhs127 is a bit too much, especially for a burger.

Fun Fact: The lobsters are flown in from the Atlantic Ocean and they are all male. The fishermen throw the female back in for reproduction.

Service: The service was amazing. Stanko was very friendly. Post dinner he give us a little tour of the lobster tank and shared some interesting stories about them.

Bill: All the three dishes are priced at Dhs 127 and cocktails at Dhs 50

Contact: www.burgerandlobster.com/ 045148838





Grilled Lobster


Lobster Roll

Burgerandlobster6 Burgerandlobster7

Burgerandlobster10 Burgerandlobster12 Burgerandlobster13 Burgerandlobster14 Burgerandlobster15

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