The Journey of a Nordic Chef

If you’ve read my previous review of Enigma at Palazzo Versace (click here) you would know this is the only restaurant that changes its chef four times a year. So this time Enigma’s second act introduced Nordic cuisine for the first time in Dubai with 2 Michelin star chef Björn Frantzén from Sweden, who is ranked no 31 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Scandinavia’s most renowned chef left no stone unturned in making us feel special by showcasing a lavish 12 course meal with Nordic ingredients like Cloudberry and Lingonberry especially flown down.

The Menu:
Unlike the last time, this time we were handed a menu so that we were a little prepared as to what was coming on our table. But of course since its a set menu each dish is a surprise. Chef Björn mentioned how he would love to sketch before actually cooking and there it was, a little sketch next to every dish on the menu. For food descriptions check the pictures below.
My favorite from the menu was the onion soup and the smoked ice cream with roasted nuts, tar syrup and salted fudge with cloves. Only if you’re really open to experimenting with food, then opt for this experience.

The Experience:
-Before the dinner we were lounging on the terrace and it was the slideshow of the Northern Lights in Sweden that caught my eye. Since I just returned from Finnish Lapland, this was definitely a great start to the meal.
-The night started with a macaroon and ended with one, portraying that Life is a Circle, what goes around comes around. Also there is atleast one dish from every year of the Chef’s restaurants existence, thus depicting a story of his journey.
– With each dish we were explained the ingredients and the story behind it.
– Even though the portion sizes seemed tiny at first, trust me, by the end of the 12 course meal you wouldn’t have space for coffee.
– Even though the meal was super fancy, I’m not sure of how satisfied I was with it.
-The Maserati pick up and drop was also pretty impressive.

How to Book:
Chef Björn and his team are here only until the end of June.
Log on to to book or call +971 4 556 8888
Half Story: 8 course meal- Dhs 550 on a weekday and Dhs 650 on a weekend
Full Story: 12 course meal and a Limousine transfer is available on request- Dhs 750 on a weekday and Dhs 850 on a weekend.




The first three courses arrived together


Apple & Lingonberry macaron with foie gras & chervil


Oyster with granita of sea buckthorn, juniper cream & sprouted walnut


Tomato water served with carrot sphere, lemon verbena & grain mustard


White moss sushi with deer, frozen bird’s liver, burnt hay & chanterelles

TheJourneyofaNordicChef9 TheJourneyofaNordicChef10

Poached king crab served with wild trout roe & emulsion of brown crab meat

TheJourneyofaNordicChef11 TheJourneyofaNordicChef12

Scallop in its own shell with dried roe, fir tree, finger lime and ”dashi”


Everybody’s favorite dish of the night: The Onion Soup


Swedish knäckebröd served with homemade butter: That butter was so delicious


Slow baked cod at 38 deg served with Swedish vengeance roe from Kalix, beurre blanc flavored with preserved anchovy juice, dill & young onions.


Hot pot lamb served with cabbage, roasted cauliflower bouillon & truffles


Sticky beetroot served with blackberries, frozen lingonberries, 100 year old vinegar and liquorice mousse: While a lot of people usually don’t like the liquorice, I infact loved this dessert. It was unique and delicious!


Cloudberry and thyme macaron with wild berries: Absolutely loved this, the cloudberry totally reminded me of my Nordic experience.


Fresh green apple sorbet made right at the table


Loved the sketches on the menu


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