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After months of anticipation, Palazzo Versace, the designer luxury hotel, has finally opened it’s doors to Dubai. Located in Culture Village, this little piece of paradise is quite lavish. This hotel is home to Enigma, the avant-garde restaurant which is the first of its kind to change the dining concept and Michelin star chefs four times a year, taking you through an unexpected multi sensory journey by the world’s best culinary masters. Well, I was among the fortunate few to experience Dubai’s one of a kind ephemeral dining spot a few weeks back before it’s official opening.

Quique Dacosta is the first of Enigma’s culinary masters who has heightened gastronomic imagination to culinary masterpieces as part of the unveiling of his story, Vanguard. His restaurant in Valencia, Spain has three Michelin stars and is ranked 39 on the list of World’s 50 Best Restaurants. It’s exciting to know that this ever evolving city has opened its arms to a new dining concept. As the name suggests, the theme of the restaurant is all about untold story and mystery.

Name: Enigma

Location: Palazzo Versace Dubai

Ideal for: If you’re open to experimenting and if you want to experience one of a kind culinary drama

Food: The menu is a masked in secrecy and I would like to maintain that mystery, definitely don’t want to ruin the surprise for future guests. All I would suggest is that you mention your allergies and preferences during the time of booking. If you’re not open to experimenting with different meats then stick to a vegetarian meal.

There is no menu and no choice here, you just have to sit and guess what’s going to show up on your plate next. Served dramatically with a story, each course of the 10 course meal is quite a masterpiece.

At once, you will be eating your rose, finding notes under the table, playing guessing games about the ingredients or you might be served on plate of diamonds in the dark by bull headed men. It was my first time eating items like charcoal, plants, pebbles, paper and pigeon. Doesn’t that sound interesting?! ( See pictures below)

My experience:
-What I loved was the drama, the story behind every dish, the personal touches added by the chef and the fact that the immaculate presentation makes you picture the tale that was going on in the chef’s head.

-The food is cleverly crafted, visually stunning, rich in flavours, colours and textures, leaving you wanting for more. Since each dish is presented so dramatically, its not only about food, this meal will involve your emotions and senses all at once. It’s a whole dining experience!

-Don’t expect to leave this place totally satiated with all the dishes, there will be one or two that you might not like as much, but you will surely go back home with a fun experience, stimulated senses and stories to tell. It’s a place for a wild journey where you don’t know what you’re going to eat .

-Honestly, you might be a little surprised to see an empty table with no fancy cutlery as expected, but the concept is of a blank canvas being filled with an array of stories and colours. Also the dim lights add to the ongoing mystery.

-For some the price might be a little too steep but remember it’s a one of a kind experience and a multi sensory dramatic culinary journey. To experience gastronomic delights from globally renowned chefs, a trip here is a must.

– Try and be there before time so you can relax and enjoy your drinks and the stunning property.

Service: The staff gave us adequate information about our dishes and at the same time maintained the mystery. With fun stories and facts, we were totally entertained.

Dress Code: Elegant Casual (A dress with heels would do)

Early Bird Ticket: AED650pp
Weekdays: AED750pp
Weekends: AED850pp

Contact: You can book your experience at www.enigmadxb.com /045568888, 7pm to 10.30pm (closed on Sundays)

It is a place where unique experiences are forged and captivating stories are told through the cuisine of the best chefs in the world. I’m already anticipating the next offering Enigma has for us!

Here’s a little glimpse of my meal!

Our welcome drink

Versace1 Versace2

The Edible Rose


Quite a mystery to find out what’s edible here, but that’s the fun right!?! Charcoal, pebbles and plants on my plate.


Red Chilled Berry Gazpacho- My favourite


When food looks like art!


A walk in the foggy forest!

Versace11 Versace12

Foggy Forest Floor


These men in bull heads served us one of the courses…


Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Palate Cleanser

Versace17 Versace18 Versace19 Versace20

That happy moment when the Chef leaves a note beneath your table!


And the note is edible!!!


Represents the rice field of Valencia


This Lychee dessert was like a party of different flavors and textures!



Versace27 Versace28

Chef Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta by Susana Martinez

With Chef Quique Dacosta



Click here for a quick video!

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