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During my hunt for fun things to do in Dubai, I came across the Bbq Donut. How amazing is the concept of grilling and sailing at the same time. Whether its lunch, dinner or afternoon tea, this is the best way to dine with family and friends while floating on the creek. You can choose from the restaurant’s a-la-carte menu or grill your own special Bbq with spectacular surrounding views of the city. This floating barbecue station has been in Dubai for a while now and is a must try, especially when the weather is so good!
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Name: Bbq Donut Dubai

Location: Boardwalk, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian

Ideal for: a relaxed weekend activity with family and friends

For food, you have an option to order from the a-la-carte menu of Boardwalk or you can select a fixed menu option with a variety of dishes. I suggest a fixed menu as you can sample various delicacies and it turns out cheaper, well that’s what I tried and here are the details:
-I was extremely impressed with the food served to us. We had four appetisers like greek salad, fatoush, tuna salad, along with wafers, Mexican dips with nachos and peanuts to munch on.

-The main course was a mixed selection of marinated meat and seafood- beef, salmon, hammour, jumbo prawns and lobster. There were also vegetables, corn on the cob and jacket potatoes. The flavour was delicious and it was so easy to grill this, all accompanied by a selections of sauces, breads and condiments.

-The dessert platter was an absolute treat! It was a mix of brownies, donuts, mini choux, macaroons, baklava and fresh fruits.

-Crockery, glassware, soft drinks, water and ice is provided by them.

Booking is easy, all you have to decide this:
-The number of hours you want to spend on the donut
-Select your favourite dishes from their menu
-Decide if you want a captain (we did not take one as it was quite easy to ride it, also it’s AED 200 extra)

My Experience:
-If you have guests visiting or you’re looking for a relaxed yet different meal with family and friends then this is something you have to try.

-The food is delicious and is given in an ice box so you can grill it as and when you like. The staff explains the procedure of using the grill and shows you how to sail as well. Incase you’re stuck they send you a rescue boat!

-Its one of those relaxing experiences where you grill and sail at the same time. The view is simply fabulous! We also happened to watch a seaplane land and take off several times.

-The donut has a capacity of eight people but I think six would be good enough, anything more than that would seem a little conjusted. The boat is designed in a great way with cup and plate holders to avoid spillage.

-Since there are only four donuts, its very important that you reserve beforehand. It’s a great option for birthdays, romantic dinners or a family outing. But also be prepared for end moment cancellations, as this is totally dependant on the weather.

-Don’t expect a high speed boat, this is as slow as a snail but the pace is perfect to float and cook, remember safety comes first! So you don’t have to worry about your sea sickness!

-Ask for extra charcoal as the griller starts to cool down after 2 hours making it difficult to cook meat.
– Ask the staff for extra butter, always helps in grilling the meat.
– Sunglasses and music are a must!
– Use the washroom before you get inside because once you’re in the water you don’t want to come back all the way.
-Ask the staff if they can offer gloves because the griller gets really hot.
– I would recommend a minimum 2-hour ride, anything less than that will be too much of a rush.

Service: The receptionist was a little too busy to acknowledge our presence but overall the service was good.

Bill: The Donut price depends on the number of hours you hire it for. We paid AED 500 for two hours + Food + Captain (if you need)

Contact: 042956000/, 12noon to 9pm

Is there anything more unique and fun than sititng in a donut, grilling your food, enjoying the fresh air, sailing on a creek and soaking in the stunning view, all at once!?!


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  1. Hello. We are from the UK and would like to book the bbq donut. Please can you let us know how to book?

    Thank you

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