Located in the swanky Taj Business Bay, Tesoro is the latest addition in town serving the current trending global cuisine- Peruvian! Even though the menu is Peruvian inspired you will find a glimpse of Spanish, Japanese and Asian. If u get fascinated with purple potatoes and pink bread then you should definitely check this place out.

Name: Tesoro

Location: Taj Dubai

Cuisine: Peruvian

Ideal for: a relaxed lunch or an outdoor dinner in the winter

What to order
-Cancha: This crunchy and large Peruvian corn is a perfect appetizer to match with your drinks.

-Tuber chips and dips: I was extremely fascinated with these coloured potatoes. The tuber chips are fried potato chips served with two dips. The flavours are unique and I would recommend you to try it.

-Tempura lobster with truffle mayonnaise: A classic Japanese dish. Eat it while its crisp.

-Lima on Fire: I tried a vegetarian version of this. Served in 5 small bowls with a flame in the centre, this vegetable gravy is delicious but would suggest you to order a portion of rice with it.

-Ceviche Classic: If you don’t mind trying raw fish then this is one Peruvian classic that you must indulge in. Cooked in tiger’s milk (Citrus based marinade that cures the seafood and is made of leftover fish runoff with lime juice, onions, chillies, salt and pepper) It was my first time and I loved it.

– Lomo Saltado stir fried beef: Delicious strips of beef stir fried with onion, tomatoes, potato and served with rice.

-Anticuchos Limenos: You can choose two skewers of either veg or non veg which are marinated in delicious Peruvian spices and chillies. I tired shitake and avocado.

-Tiger prawns with Lime and Rocoto: These large size prawns have a typical Peruvian flavour and are perfectly spiced with Rocoto (Peruvian chilli) and lime.

-Grilled asparagus: This is a perfect side order dish and loved the way its served on a blue plate drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

-Fingerling potatoes with chorizo: Small potatoes which are flavored with spices. (side order)

-Bucket of Churros with hazelnut and chocolate sauce: The churros are fresh, hot, crisp and they melt in your mouth.

My experience
-I loved the ambience and the interiors of this place. The quirky olive trees bring the outdoors inside and the intricate wooden carvings are beautiful. The restaurant is bright in the day with natural sunlight falling in. With breath taking views of the Burj Khalifa the outdoor area will be a perfect spot to chill post November.

-Since we were confused while choosing our mocktails, the bartender personally came up to us and made us something special as per our requirements.

-For a Taj experience the restaurant is very decently priced. The incredible set up, delicious food and the best service could account for a lot more, but luckily it doesn’t pinch your pocket as much.

-During my tasting session Chef Sanjeev explained us so much about the origin and history of Peruvian food. He gave us detailed explanations of the ingredients usually used and suggested some fabulous dishes too.

-Not only is the food delicious but it’s presented well too. I love how they serve their dishes in contrasting cutlery.

-There are a lot of vegetarian options too

The Taj hospitality is impeccable. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable. They know the ingredients in the menu and are great with recommendations. Damien made us some amazing mocktails.

Bill: Check the menu in the pictures (it ranges from AED 15 to AED 185)

Contact: 04 4383100

If you haven’t tried Peruvian before then this is the place thats going to make you love this trending cuisine.


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