Indego by Vineet Bhatia

If I ever have to choose an Indian restaurant while dining out, I’m a little bias to a selected few because they totally deserve it. One of them is Indego by Vineet Bhatia at Grosvenor House Dubai. I remember visiting this restaurant a few months ago and trying their famous chocolate samosa, trust me, since then I’ve been dreaming about that dish. So this time when I was invited to a new menu launch hosted by Michelin Star Chef Vineet Bhatia himself, there was no way I was going to miss it. You know what was the best part? The Chocolate Samosa made it to the new menu too, with an amazing twist though. If you’re heading to this place be prepared for a gastronomic sensation of Indian flavours and recipes packaged and presented in an international way.

Name: Indego by Vineet Bhatia

Location: Grosvenor House

Cuisine: Indian

Ideal for: A contemporary Indian meal

What I ate: (Do check out all the food pictures below )
-Khandvi with Avocado Paste, Corn Chaat and a Lassi Granita: It was such a great mix of unusual flavours and that chilled lassi granita was simply amazing.

-Konkani Lobster with Upma and Burnt Lime: Who would have ever thought that a regular Indian breakfast item would be paired with seafood and would taste so good!?!

-Malai Fish Tikka with Coconut Khichdi, Beetroot moilee and Pineapple Chaat: One of the best fish variations I’ve ever tried. You just cant stop eating that beatroot puree.

-Dhaba Chicken with Pea Sphere topped with Pav Bhaji: This was such a happy combo because two of my favourite items were served on one plate, together and they blended beautifully.

-Black Olive Sorbet: This palate cleanser tasted just like Fatafat(a yummy digestive candy sold in India). It totally brought back my childhood memories.

-Lamb Chop served with Potato and Goat Cheese Samosa: You have no idea how crunchy and delicious the samosa was! I wish they served two of these this. The smoked lamb was so tender and juicy that it melted in my mouth.

-For dessert we were served Chocolate Chikki(an Indian sweet made of groundnuts and jaggery) along with caramlised nuts and saffron foam. A perfect combination and so true to the Indian flavours.

-I was so happy to see that my ultimate favourite item made it to the table, yes, I’m talking about the unreal chocolate samosa served with Gaajjar Ka Halwa (Indian carrot pudding) and Coconut Kulfi. A visit to Indego is incomplete without trying this.

-Coconut Rasmalai with Falooda: Served in a coconut shell this was refreshing, but nothing beats the chocolate samosa.

My experience:
-The food is delectable and a perfect blend of east and west, where traditional spices and recipes are infused and created with modern skills.

-I just love it when I eat Indian food outside and it’s not heavy. Unlike other restaurants that serve greasy Indian food, this is just the opposite. We’re talking about a Michelin star chef so imagine the quality of ingredients on your plate.

-The combinations are so unique! Chef Vineet Bhatia has brought together dishes in such a way that both retain their individual flavour and at the same time go well together.

-You will find a variety of textures, temperatures and flavours in your mouth. The food is suitable for all taste buds, it’s not too spicy and is so flavourful.

-The ambience is calm with Indian art work and slow Bollywood music in the background.

Service: Incredible service, the staff knows details about all the dishes and were always making sure everything was ok.

Bill: It was a tasting menu (I’m hoping these make it to the main menu)

Contact: 043176000/

This is one restaurant that I highly recommend if you’re looking for a lavish and unique Indian meal. You definitely won’t leave a single morsel in your plate.




Papad platter with three chutneys



Khandvi with avocado paste, corn chaat and a lassi granita


Konkani Lobster with upma and burnt lime



Malai fish tikka with coconut khichdi, beetroot moilee and pineapple chaat



Dhaba chicken with Pea Sphere topped with Pav Bhaji



Black Olive Sorbet


Lamb chop served with potato and goat cheese samosa


Chocolate chikki along with caramlised nuts and saffron foam


Chocolate samosa served with gajjar halwa (Indian carrot pudding) and Coconut Kulfi



Coconut Rasmalai with Falooda


With the culinary master, Chef Vineet Bhatia



A little bit about Vineet Bhatia:

Vineet Bhatia is widely regarded as the “ face “ of modern progressive Indian cuisine. He created history in 2001 by being the first Indian Chef -Patron to get the coveted Michelin star for his restaurant and yet again in 2009, as being the only Indian chef to have the coveted star for each of his restaurant in London and Geneva. In a consultative capacity Vineet overlooks the in-flight food at Qatar Airways and at his restaurants in hotels around the world, most notably in Mauritius, Doha, Saudi , Bahrain and back home in Mumbai.

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