My Haute Life is a celebration of all things I love- Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Life. For me, playing dress up began at the age of five and probably never ended. This passion grew further and as an extension, I dabbled with Jewellery Designing, Gemology and Diamond Grading. But at heart, I was always a fashion enthusiast. Clothes over stones, always!!!

Realising my vocation was meant to be in the design scene I fully immersed myself into the fashion world. I designed my own clothing brand and expanded my production, well that’s where the Business Graduation came in handy. After moving to Dubai I worked with ITP Publishing, Middle East’s leading publishing company. Along with working for the lifestyle section of Masala, I also took the mammoth task of styling several projects including the Masala’s Most Stylish supplement.

It was this love that laid the genesis of my blog. Drawing inspiration from all parts of life and experimenting with my personal style, I want to recreate unique looks that are wearable and stylish. Also I’m so enamored with the idea of travelling to exotic locations. There’s something so enticing about exploring unique places and beautiful towns that people have only dreamt of. From living in an Igloo in Finland and spotting the Aurora Borealis in the North Pole to skydiving in New Zealand and chilling in BoraBora, I’ve done it all. For me the best stories are found in between the pages of the passport. Follow me on this amazing journey and discover the latest style trends, new hotspots and exotic travel locations.

Welcome to my world!