Jean-Georges Dubai

Internationally acclaimed chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges has launched his first restaurant in Dubai at the Four Seasons Resort. I was so ecstatic the moment I got invited to try out this famous spot. The restaurant boasts two dining sections, the JG Dining Room which is a fine dining space and the JG Kitchen which is a relaxed casual dining section. Inspired by his 3 Michelin star restaurant in New York, the menu here is striking and delicate representing a refined culinary setting.

Name: Jean-Georges Dubai

Location: Four Seasons Resort Dubai

Cuisine: French

Ideal for: A sophisticated fine dining experience

What I ate:
-Lavender Lemonade: Refreshing and perfectly sweet!

-Crispy Sea Trout Sushi Chipotle: This was my favourite! The outer layer of the rice was fried and crisp and the inside just melts in your mouth. It is served with Scallion Sauce and a Soy Glaze.

– Kale Salad: This was probably the best Kale salad I have tried till date. The leaves were fresh and drizzled with olive oil, lemon, Serrano Chilli and mint. But it was the Parmesan cheese that added the perfect punch. Highly recommend this one!

-Watermelon, Feta Cheese and Olive Oil: A great combination with fresh ingredients, but I preferred the Kale over this.

-Salt and Pepper Shrimp: These were cooked to perfection and served with a citrus chilli dip, delicious but a little bland for my taste.

– Truffle Pizza: As soon as this arrived on the table the fragrance of the truffle overshadowed everything else and you are left with  no choice but to grab a slice of this divine dish. This black truffle pizza with Fontina Cheese is absolutely delicious and a must try!

-For the mains we tried the Caramelized Lamb Chops served with a mushroom Bolognese. The meat was tender and juicy and you just couldn’t stop at one bite.

-Roasted Sea Bass: Since I’m a seafood lover, I might be bias to this one. It was light, fresh, citrusy and soaking in a  mushroom yuzu vinaigrette. Simply delicious!

-For dessert, we had the most amazing variety. From a delicious and soft Tres Leches cake to a delectable blueberry lemon tart and a divine Salted caramel sundae topped with fresh and crisp candied peanuts and popcorn. How yummy does that sound! The hot crisp popcorn and the cold delicious salted caramel ice cream was probably one of the best combinations that I’ve had. A dessert I would go back for!

My experience:
– I loved the vibe of the JG Kitchen area. Since they have a partially open kitchen, it’s amazing to watch the chefs whipping some delicacies and the whole place is so buzzing. I would love to go back again to try out the menu of the JG Dining Room.

Bill: AED250-300 per person approx

Service: On asking the staff made sure to explain all the ingredients.

Contact: 4343 6118


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