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It’s always such a happy moment when your favourite restaurant launches a weekend brunch. If you’ve read my previous review of Marina Social here you would know how impressed I was with my last visit and this one didn’t disappoint either. They have recently launched a Share & Social Friday Brunch and a Social Saturday Brunch. Both the menus (and prices) are a tad bit different. Well, I tried the Saturday Brunch and loved it. Here are the details:

Name: Saturday Social Brunch at Marina Social

Location: Intercontinental Dubai Marina

Cuisine: British-Mediterranean

Ideal for: A relaxed weekend brunch

What I tried:

Drinks: Since I was driving I opted for the Grown up Iced Tea (a fresh virgin Iced Tea) which was prepared right in front of me on a service trolley. Out of the Lavender and Thyme I preferred the latter, it was so refreshing and yummy. My friend opted for Up In Your Grill which was a Tequila based cocktail with grilled watermelon juice, campari, benedictine and passion fruit. If you like Bloody Mary then try the Bloody Marvellous.

Food: Since we were two of us, we ordered for two dishes in each course.

Starters: The first one was Smoked sea trout, celeriac and apple remoulade and the second, a salad of snow peas with Persian feta, mint and radish. I absolutely loved the presentation of these two. The server gets a picnic basket to your table, lays down a checkered cloth, opens a cane basket and removes your fresh garlic focaccia bread and then two little jars of the cold salad. How impressive is that! I just had my little picnic moment there. They were cold starters and absolutely delicious. The Sea trout was flavoured to perfection and the snow peas salad was so crunchy and fresh, a perfect combination with hot bread.

Mains: Based on the recommendation by our server we ordered
-Rigatoni with basil, pine nuts pesto and topped with parmesan: The pesto was perfect and pasta was so light and fresh.
-A pizza with Reblochon cheese, Wagyu cecina, caramelized onions and rocket. This was served with broccoli, French fries and semi mashed peas. It is unbelievable how well the peas actually goes with the pizza. The centre of the pizza was scrumptious and cheesy while the sides were crunchy. My mouth waters while I write this! Do make sure to order this one.

-Apple crumble and Bird’s custard: The last time I had indulged in the Rhubarb soufflé with custard, so this time I was very excited to try this out. You will love this if you love apple in your desserts. The inside is warm and gooey while the crumble is crunchy and the custard so delicious.
-Dark chocolate sundae, brownie and frozen white chocolate: Since I’m not a huge sundae fan I wish I had skipped this for the warm rice vanilla pudding. Will surely try that next time!

My Experience
-If you’ve read my previous blog post (Marina Social), you’ll know what a huge fan I am of this place. It’s amazing how the whole ambience and vibe is so different in the day. I suggest get a seat outdoors (till the weather permits) and enjoy your meal.

-Unlike other brunches, they do not have a buffet, which is amazing. It’s a fixed menu of three courses with options to choose from. I always prefer the food coming to my table than getting up every time to refill my plate.

-Don’t think that the thee courses won’t suffice because the portions are so big that you will have to try hard to wipe off everything on your plate.

-The food, as always, is delicious, presented so well and I love the moving trollies that mix your cocktails right in front of you.

-Also, during the brunch they had someone taking polaroid pictures of you and giving it that very moment, adding a little personal touch to the whole experience.

– Do not leave this place without trying their pizza!

Service: As always, a happy staff is something that I would love to go back to. You will never be refused to anything and won’t be served without a smile.

Soft Social (3 courses + soft beverages)  – Dhs215
House Social (3courses+ house beverages) – Dhs 395
Bubbly Social (3courses+ house beverages & bubbly) – Dhs 495

Contact: 044466664/

 This place is ideal for a relaxed Saturday afternoon where you want to just sit and relish every bite while they serve you the most delectable meals.

Do check out the pictures below 🙂

The menu


Our drinks


Our starters with hot Garlic Focaccia Bread served picnic style

SocialSaturday2 SocialSaturday3

I love their plates


Bloody Mary


Rigatoni with Basil, Pine Nuts Pesto and topped with Parmesan

SocialSaturday6 SocialSaturday7 SocialSaturday8

Pizza with Reblochon Cheese, Wagyu Cecina, Caramelized Onions and Rocket

SocialSaturday9 SocialSaturday10

Dark Chocolate Sundae, Brownie and Frozen White Chocolate


Apple Crumble and Bird’s Custard




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