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Given the current pace of the world and the conditions we live in, there is an urge to experience life in it’s best possible way. The last few months have definitely made us realize how outfits can change your complete vibrancy. While time is flying away, it’s also remarkable how we are swiftly heading towards the cooler months and our favourite season is just around the corner. Well actually, winter is not a season, it’s a celebration, isn’t it?

While the world is rapidly adapting to the change, it’s imperative that fashion also moves in that direction. The runways around the world are showcasing faux fur, teddy coats and coloured suits but let’s not forget the classic woolen sweaters and the cool hoodies that have helped us enjoy the lockdown at home. While style may be on your mind but always remember comfort is the key. If there’s one thing we have realized in the recent times then that is the importance of retaining apparels that can be worn comfortably at home. Nothing beats outfits that are versatile and classic.

If you’re looking at hitting that refresh button on your current wardrobe, then REDTAG is the place to visit. Not only are their pieces comfortable and durable but also come with great prices. For the upcoming winter season, I’ve picked up four key pieces from the REDTAG store. It’s a myth that winter outfits need to be in dark shades like grey and black, in my opinion, the brighter the colour the fresher it looks. Hence I picked a deep red woolen top and styled it with a class pair of black jeans and white sneakers, a trend that has taken the world by a storm. For the second look I’ve gone ahead with a knit top in a pale pink, powdery blue and white. Nothing in the world can compare the feeling of being wrapped in soft warm outfits. As a third look, I’ve chosen a classic denim jacket which is the most versatile piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Lastly, a bright yellow activewear hoodie has been the most soft and cozy pick so far. It’s something you can wear to run errands, for an evening walk or even for a movie night. Like they say, there is beauty in simplicity.

From cozy nights at home to fancy dinner outings, whatever your preference may be, there will be always be something you will love here and the best part? It doesn’t break your bank.

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