Favourite style trends of 2018

Every new year comes with new style trends that shake up our wardrobe, but how many do we actually land up following? Are these pretty styles only restricted to the runway or do they actually make it to our closet? Well for me, out of everything I’ve seen this year, here are a few trends that I genuinely love. 2018 has been all about the return of the ’90s and I couldn’t be happier. I’m just glad that all things vintage and classic are making a comeback. In case you’re looking for an outfit inspiration then here are a few ideas that you could implement..


1) Monochrome
Nothing conveys comforting fashion better than outfits toned in monochromatic shades. Apart from the standard black and white there are tons of pink and reds doing the round. They look absolutely ethereal, chic, classy and are sure to make heads turn. If you aren’t so much into colour then pastel and nudes are the best back ups. Just open your wardrobe and pick a top and pants/skirt of the same shade, style it with gold/silver accessories, sneakers or heals and Voila!

2) Stripes
Stripes in all sizes, lengths and colours have waltzed into this season. Take this trend as it is and embrace it fully before these daring stripes run stale. My current obsession is a stripe suit. With so many material and style options available in high street stores like Mango, Zara, Stradivarius you will really be tempted to invest in one. Wear it to lunch with sneakers or to a party with heals, it’s surely a wardrobe must have!

3) Sneakers
Comfortable, light and all season friendly, sneakers are here to stay. These shoes have exceeded the basic requirement of providing comfort and have now glided into the fashion world, runway shows and to the shelves of luxury brands. With chunky dad sneakers doing the rounds I chose to invest in a classic sleek pair of white sneakers. If you haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon yet then it’s time.. On your marks.. Get set…Go


Left- Top: H&M, Pants: Shein, Shoes: Adidas,  Bag: Charles & Keith
Right- Suit and Earrings: Mango,  Bag: Pinko

4) Delicate Gold Jewellery
2018 is all about delicate gold necklaces, personalised rings and dainty bracelets. It’s time to bid goodbye to those chunky huge accessories and replace it with these. I’m head over heels in love with beaten gold textures, stacked rings, vintage coin necklaces and gold hoops.

Necklace and Earrings: H&M and Rings: Aldo

Necklace: Shein and Rings: Aldo

5) Cane/ Straw/ Wooden Bags
From being a beachy essential to a fashion investment, these bags have come a long way. My instagram feed is totally flooded with beautiful images of the basket bags that tempted me enough to buy some too. To be honest, you will find the best and the cheapest ones in places like Bali and Thailand. I love how these cane bags capacitate all your essentials while also claiming a fabulous impression.

Left- Dress: Fancy Pants, Bag: From Bali, Accessories: H&M
Right- Top: Zara, Shorts and Accessories: H&M, Shoes: Adidas

6) Bright Coloured Suits
Trouser suits have forayed into the casual space lately and I can’t seem to surpass the trend yet. This year, embrace these smart power silhouettes in bright colours, breezy fabrics and casual styles. Nothing spells power dressing like these suits do!

Suit: Zara, Shoes: Charles & Keith

 7) Belt Bags/ Fanny pack
The fashion world has seen a lot of retro comebacks lately and the most functional, handy and the coolest has been the return of the fanny pack AKA the belt bag. A tourist favourite, this hands free bag is a must have this season. Luckily you will find this in a variety of sizes, textures, prints, budgets and brands.  Wear it to a party or in a flight, you will definitely slay!

8) Plaid and Gingham
Just like all the ’90s trends, the evergreen plain and gingham are also making a comeback. Incorporate it in the form of accessories, dresses, jackets, suits, scarves or anything at all.

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Charles & Keith, Bag: Pinko

Jacket: Shein, Pants: Zara, Glasses: Fancy Pants

9) Gelato Hues & Bright Shades
The craze over pastels isn’t anything new but the love for candy colours, bright pinks, deep greens, solid blues is definitely worth diving into. With shades seemingly scooped right from your favourite gelato ice-cream and tailored onto elegant fabrics, there’s no reason to not make these one of your fashion choices.

Top: H&M, Pants: Zara

10) Red Sunglasses
While the tinted aviators are ruling the runway, I’m totally obsessed with angular frames, sci fi shapes and bold colours. I’ve been using my red sunglasses the most. It’s time to invest in a funky frame to slay in those Autumn/Winter outfits.

Red Sunglasses: Fancy Pants

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