7 ways to wear Faux Fur

The fashion and its retail industry exist only because of the constant trend evolution and cycle. If this ever changing circle is ceased, there’ll be no style, no sartorial creativity and no fashion. Even though some trends come and go a few classics just stay forever, especially in my wardrobe. One of them is Faux Fur!

Apart from being a statement definition, a luxe functional piece, this fall dominating trend is animal-friendly and one of my favourite elements in winter dressing. Faux fur is nothing but just polymeric fibers that are processed, dyed, cut and stitched together. The best part is that nobody is actually harmed while producing this material and neither is our wallet, courtesy high street brands that retail it at affordable prices.

The main reason I love sporting it in most of my winter outfits is that it instantly elevates your look making it super chic, classy and stylish. If you really want to step out looking all trendy this winter then here are a few ways you could incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe.


Faux Fur Jacket
A fall staple, this jacket is without a doubt a fashion must-have for everyone who wants to look stylish. Slip it over your basic denim and tee or pair it with a fun dress, play with prints or stick to nudes, this piece can be used in a zillion ways.

Jacket: Bershka

Faux Fur Vest

If a jacket is a bit too much for you this functional vest is the perfect buy. I usually love teaming it up with blue jeans, a white top and boots and if I’m going somewhere fancy then I’ll style it with a dress. A vest is something you could even wear with sweatpants and walk out. You’ll find the best ones at Bershka, Forever 21, Stradivarius and Missguided.

Vest: Bershka

Faux Fur Cape
Essential meets vogue – This is one of my favourite winter pieces. Conveying power and enigma, a faux fur cape will carry mystery and style wherever you go. It’s the perfect travel companion for fancy locations like Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia etc.

Cape: Topshop

Trimming on the sleeve
If all fur is not your thing then this is the best way to embrace this fall fashion with subtlety. Dive into pieces that come with faux fur trimmings at the hem of a dress or the cuff of the sleeves; little and gracious tricks to adopt the bold element in a measure comfortable to you.

Jacket: Zara

Wear it around your neck
Stoles and scarves dangle in your closets throughout the year; linen for summers, chiffon for springs and wool for fall. So while you’re here reeling in all sorts of winter-friendly layers, do not miss on a fancy faux fur stole. Cosy, effortlessly stylish and fall functional, a fur stole around your neck can do you no wrong! You will get some really fancy dual shaded ones at high street stores like Zara, Topshop, River Island etc.

Colourful stoles: Topshop ; Brown: Zara

Faux Fur Accessories
When it comes to adapting faux fur fashion, what we tend to forget sometimes is the fact that accessories are a crucial part and one of the easiest ways to add glamour to an otherwise bland outfit. This fall, try sporting fancy shawls, fur beanies and fur clutches too, not altogether of course.

A Hoodie Jacket
If you’re building your ultimate winter wardrobe for an Arctic adventure then don’t forget to include a thick jacket with faux fur trim hoodie. Not only does it look cute but it also keeps you warm. I usually buy such jackets from stores like Zara, Topshop, Uniqlo (fav).

Incase you have more ways to incorporate this trend then do leave a comment below and let me know! Xx

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