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Hi Guys! Hope you’re all doing well and hope everyone has been safe during this pandemic. If there’s something that we all have realised during this time then it’s the importance of staying fit. During this quarantine I’m sure a lot of you have also struggled with working out at home and so have I but luckily we managed to find some really interesting and effective ways to do the same. Since the lockdown was going on for so long, we decided to invest in some home workout equipment and online yoga classes which have just changed the way we look right now. This is the most fit and healthy we have been in a long time and trust me, it’s just with the help of these few products. Considering the current situation all around the world, I’m sure it’s the best to be prepared incase of a future lockdown (hope it doesn’t happen). Also working out at home can sometimes be the best thing ever, especially with a busy schedule. Here are some of the equipments that have helped me get fit in this quarantine:

1. Manduka Yoga Mat

If you have been following my stories you would know that I have been loving the home yoga workout on Alomoves.com and for that I landed up ordering one of these really cool yoga mats from Manduka. The previous one I had was just shedding layers so I decided to invest in a good durable mat. Absolutely love my new Manduka, I got the 4.7mm anti slip in a black colour.

You can order it here-  USA |UAEIndia 


2. Yoga Blocks
These cork yoga blocks are so good, especially if you have stiff hamstrings like me. Every single time I’m doing a yoga class it helps me so much to stretch and do the posture in a better way. I wish I had bought these a long time ago. You could use them for yoga postures and it does help in improving your flexibility. 
P.s- I love the cork ones as they are not slippery.

You can order it here-  USA | UAE | India

3. Pilates Ball
Perfect for core stabilisation and a full body workout because of the resistance it adds. I personally love it for activating the inner thighs during a workout. If used well it can improve your back and spine health and help you get more flexible.

You can order it here- USA |UAE | India

4. Resistance bands:
These are my favourite for a home workout. I had first used it in a group class and have been addicted ever since. You can try so many different exercises with these bands, they can help you build muscle and reduce the risk of an injury. It is the feasible alternative to lifting weights and work at any fitness level. I put them around my thighs and do some really good booty and glute workouts. There are several types of bands- Fabric bands, Thera Band, pull up band, stretch strap, booty bands.

You can order it here- USA | UAE | India

5. Pull up bar

My brother suggested we buy this and it’s been a great investment. All you have to do it just mount it on any door panel and hang on it or pull up. It’s great to build your upperbody strength and your back muscles. Alternatively you can also put it on the floor and do different push up variations. 

You can order it here- USA | UAE |India

6. Foam Roller
I don’t know what would I do without a foam roller during quarantine.I have a very stiff body and after I work out my muscles gets sore and I always run to get a massage. Trust me, this foam roller has been a lifesaver! Since I couldn’t go to a spa due to Covid, I started foam rolling everyday for 15 mins after my workout and I saw a visible difference in my mobility and range of motion, muscular performance, recovery time and posture correction. On days I don’t want to work out I just stretch a bit and foam roll for 30 to 40 mins, it’s literally like a massage but it opens up your body in ways you can’t even imagine. Highly recommend getting one for your daily use. 

You can order it here-  USA | UAE | India

7. Lacrosse Ball

Another must buy if you suffer from the slightest muscle ache. As for me I get some serious shoulder stiffness and pain and this lacrosse ball has been so amazing. I use it on the bottom of my feet, to open hip joints, the sides and mainly my shoulder and upper back. I don’t need to go to a spa anymore, I can just recover using the foam roller and lacrosse ball. They are the best addition to my workout routine. 

You can order it here-  USA | UAEIndia 

8. Skipping Rope
Definitely the best way to warm up your body if you can’t go out for a run. It’s a full body workout which helps you stabilize, improves the core strength and builds your stamina, coordination and focus. You need to have one of these in your kit.

You can buy it here- UAE |India | USA

9. TRX
If you’re really bored with your basic exercises then invest in this cool TRX set. I love using my own body weight while workout out and the TRX has so many options of doing a complete body circuit. Watch some videos on YouTube for an idea on how to use these.

You can buy it here: UAEIndia | USA


10. ASICS Shoe
One of the most amazing things that happened to me during this quarantine was this ASICS Shoe. If you have been following me long enough you would know that I have really large feet (size 42 haha) and it’s so difficult for me to find the right pair especially which is comfortable and great for running. I absolutely love my new ASICS Gel Nimbus. The black and gold just goes with most my workout gear, the shoes are so comfortable and look good too. I wore it for my HIIT home workouts during quarantine and now I happily go down for a run every evening. The right shoe makes all the difference!  
Buy it here. You can also check out some comfortable sandals for women.



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