2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Hello you lovely people!

Wish you guys a fabulous 2016

A new year means new opportunities, new changes, new plans. I must say I already love the vibe of this year. 2015 was way too generous and kind, hoping this year will be better. As always, I jot down my resolutions every year, this time I thought of sharing it with you guys also because they are more like pleasant lifestyle changes rather than resolutions. These things have been on my mind since a very long time and I couldn’t find a better time to start. They are just tiny promises to start or stop doing something this year.

Value Time
No procrastinating, being on time everywhere for everything. My mother always tells me if you don’t value time, you will never receive anything on time either. Well, the mother is always right! This year is all about spending time wisely.

Eating Right (even on holidays)
With the crazy travelling last year, I literally started binging and indulging everywhere. This year, no matter what, if it’s not healthy its not going in my tummy, not even on weekends. This is just the tiniest lifestyle change I can possibly make for a better tomorrow.

Learn a Language
For all those who know me really well would also know how much I love Spain, which is why I want to learn Spanish since the last two years, but just never made an attempt. Now I am finally going to remove time and nail it. Adios!

Read often
As a kid I would wipe off all the Enid Blyton books in a few days, but with time I got really distracted with all the social media happenings. It’s crazy because I have a lot of books lying by my bedside, but I prefer checking Snapchat before sleeping and it’s not something I’m proud of. Henceforth I’m going to change, it’s so important to feed the mind and soul too.

Do everything you love
Going to remove time for everything that I have ever loved, painting, salsa etc. Also, I’ve learnt to say NO to the things I don’t want to do and it’s so liberating.

In short, this year I just want to go on more adventures, be around good energy, connect with people, learn new things and grow. New Years shouldn’t be the only time you strive to be better. We should try and be the best version of us every day.

If you guys have made resolutions too, I would be happy to hear about them, that way we’ll make sure we keep each other motivated.


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Pictures: www.ryanfotografie.com

Dress: Shein.com, Earrings: H&M, Bag: Skinny Dip London, Shoes: Steve Madden

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