Junk Jewellery

Everyone who knows me will know of my love for jewellery, all kinds of jewellery. I even have a separate closet for it that’s how much I’m obsessed with them. I always wanted to try out how stacked up junk jewellery looks and voila! It’s almost like I opened up my grandma’s treasure chest and wore it all! Honestly, I love it. Anyway there’s no such thing as being overdressed. This is something I would wear to a fun event or a formal party. Trust me silver on the right colour in the right proportion can look like a million bucks. Stacking up metallic jewelry looks great on light shades, for example- silver jewellery on grey and white, gold jewellery on beige, nude or white. You can play around with this look, you don’t have to wear it with a fur jacket. Try on all similar necklaces together with a white shirt, t-shirt or a plain jacket and you’ll definitely make heads turn. If you try out a similar look make sure to tag me! Xx


Junk Jewellery7Junk Jewellery17 Junk Jewellery16  Junk Jewellery14 Junk Jewellery13  Junk Jewellery8 Junk Jewellery9     Junk Jewellery2Junk Jewellery5

Faux Fur Jacket: Bershka
Junk Jewellery: HnM + Aldo + Zara

Location: Aji The Palm

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