Metallic Pants

”A little party never killed anybody”

Everyone who knows me will know how much I love all things bling. I always lay my eyes on to something that has glitter, glamour and is shiny. This time was no exception. I know a lot of people would refrain from picking up shiny metallic silver pants/skirts/shorts but let me tell you guys that it’s the easiest thing to style. With metallic shades you have to play it simple.

If you never want to go wrong just pair them with either of the two options : 1) Black or White – This always works and makes it super chic and classy. It mellows down the metallic shade to a great extent, especially white! 2) The original shade- So if you’re wearing a silver metallic item pair it with any shade in the grey family, light grey dark grey anything. If you’re wearing a gold metallic colour team it up with a nude or a beige or a shade from the gold family, just not shiny. Isn’t that simple?! Just use any of these two rules and your good to go. The only way I would suggest adding colour is with accessories, avoid coloured clothing because it just looks too gaudy with metallics. Since the holiday season is around the corner go grab a pair of shorts/ pants/ skirts or a top in a metallic shade. People will stare, make it worth their while! Xx

Metallicpants3  Metallicpants2Metallicpants4 Metallicpants5

Pants: Topshop, Top: Express, Shoes: Zara, Earrings: H&M

Location: Comptoir 102

Photographer: Gaurav Bambral

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