A Guide to Fall Fashion

We saw how the fall 2022 runway shows make headlines. People can’t stop talking about the latest fashion. While we may not be able to rock those cocoon-like ‘30s sleeves, sweeping hemlines that drag across the floor, or exaggerated suits with oversized shoulder pads quite like the supermodels can, there are plenty of practical yet stylish options from the front row for everyday fashionistas to take inspiration form. From classic to trendy, it’s time to update your fall wardrobe with clothes you’ll love this season and beyond.

1. Trends for Fall 2022 — According to Vogue, while previous seasons saw far too many logos and garish prints, this season we’ll be seeing styles with a certain grace and pragmatism. While we’ll see interesting trends like suits with oversized blazers and widened shoulders, we’ll also be going back to the basics. Skirts. Slip dresses. White shirts and tank tops paired with medium-wash jeans. You may already have these basics in your closet, but if you’re looking for other ways to amp up your wardrobe this fall, here are some more ideas to get inspired.

2. Monochromatic Hues — Don’t just wear any kind of dress with a tired pattern this fall. Wear chic dresses in monochromatic hues, meaning you’ll be wearing the same color from head to toe. You can go for classic fall colors like reds, yellows, and oranges. You can try autumn favorites like jewel-colored tones of emerald, ruby, and sapphire. If you want to go for hues that are trending for this fall season, try electrifying neon colors to make a statement.

3. Electrifying Colors — On that note, go for colors that are simply electric this fall. Think of pretty pinks to channel that Barbiecore vibe. If you want to feel like a sunflower this fall, try neon yellow. Go for bold blues and pretty lavender colors. You’re sure to turn heads when you’re wearing any of these colors. Turn it up a notch by going for any of these colors with patterns such as with color blocking.

4. Embrace Your Inner Academic — Look and feel like a true academic in classic fall fashion wear. Break out the tweed, a woven wool fabric. Tweed features different structures, including twill or herringbone. While it’s typically coarser than most fabrics, it’s also an ideal fabric for those chilly fall days. Plus, it’s durable and moisture resistant. Whether it’s the first snowfall of the season or one of those wet, late summer rainfalls, you’ll love wearing tweed in the fall. Go for other popular patterns like houndstooth and plaid.

5. Fall for Faux — You don’t have to wear real fur to reap the benefits of the old- school look of fur. Opt for faux fur instead. Try animal prints, which seem to be popular every fall season. Pair them with traditional fall colors like red and yellow, along with warmer textures like corduroy and brocade. These weighty and bold fabrics paired with animal prints or faux fur are sure to make you stand out this season.

6. Denim for Days — The truth is that denim won’t fit everyone the same. Unless you want to literally tailor every single pair of jeans you own, it’s best you buy your jeans from a trusted women’s boutique clothing store to get that perfect pair of jeans. Not only is the white shirt and jeans combination a classic, but we saw it hit the runway for the fall 2022 shows. That means we’re seeing trends toward medium wash jeans this fall, instead of light jeans that are normally associated with spring or summer months or dark wash jeans that people do normally wear during the fall and winter seasons.

7. Layer with Sweater Vests — A sweater vest is sure to make you smile this fall. Classic neutral knits are classics for a reason. That being said, you don’t have to stick to traditional fall hues and jewel-toned colors for layering with sweater vests. Go for bold colors instead. We mentioned earlier that monochromatic hues and electrifying colors are very IN this season, so wear a sweater vest in the same electrifying neon color as the rest of your outfit to take advantage of all of these trends.

8. Pleated Mini Skirts — Go for a pleated cotton-twill mini skirt with a matching cotton-twill jacket. This look blends fun patterns along with that inner academic vibe. The pleated mini skirt is more than just a schoolgirl classic as worn by certain UES socialites. It’s a hot fall fashion trend that doesn’t require you to still be in a school uniform.

9. Oversized BlazersWhen shopping for fall clothes for women, the key word is “layering.” That means you’ll want oversized blazers in your closet. The trick to wearing oversized blazers well is to balance out your ensemble. That means when you’re wearing one piece in your outfit that is purposely oversized, you’ll want to wear other pieces that are form-fitting. For example, wear a form-fitting t-shirt or fitted blouse with your blazer. Go for a mini skirt or skinny jeans to balance out the oversized blazer.


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