Velvet Suit in 3 Ways

Known to be bold, brave and beautiful, velvet has definitely taken the fashion scene by a storm this year. “If it was socially acceptable, I’d drape myself in velvet”, quoted the epic sitcom character from Seinfeld, George Costanza. Fast forward to 2017 and velvet has become the darling of fall/winter fashion. The bars of fashion and style have already been set a velvety notch higher with Blake Lively wearing a custom-made Atelier Versace velvet gown at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

So I thought of making some space in my wardrobe for this trend because I just couldn’t deny that nothing looks more royal and rich than velvet does. Oh and the coldness of this world can only be fought with unconditional love and some velvet, right?

This pretty golden- brown velvet suit that you see is one of my recent favourites and because I absolutely adore it I found three different ways to wear it. Especially with theories like ‘Less Is More’ and ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ making a lot of buzz on the runways it has become a creative liberty to express oneself with different style statements wearing a single dress.

So, the first way is to wear it as a classic suit. I have dressed mine with a blue sequin tube to bring to play the quirkiness as opposed to the seriousness that tags along when someone says ‘Suit’. This could be dressed up if you want to glam a bit or dressed down with a black tube or a white shirt instead when you want to let go.


Velvet Suit1 Velvet Suit10 Velvet Suit9 Velvet Suit8 Velvet Suit6 Velvet Suit2

The second hack is to wear the velvet pants with a shirt or a top. I have worn mine with a button down shirt. For me a white shirt is always an absolute winner! Wear this on a cold day and your heart will feel braver and safer than ever. Well, not to forget the envious looks on the street.

Velvet Suit23Velvet Suit14 Velvet Suit26   Velvet Suit16 Velvet Suit15

The third way to play with this suit is to wear the blazer with pants or shorts. Depending on the season and occasion you can choose the bottom. But if you want to tiptoe between the lines of elegance and experiment then full pants is something I’d go for. To break away from the colour I chose printed instead of plain pants but the choice is yours. The whole idea is to mix and match!

Velvet Suit27 Velvet Suit32 Velvet Suit31 Velvet Suit29

So, yeah, I am not leaving my velvet rush atleast until this Spring. What about you? When are you going to get high on the velvet trend?

Suit: Zara

Aji The Palm

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