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With the festive season around the corner I’m very sure that just like me, you’re looking for fancy clothes and everything else to doll you up. It’s that time of the year when the wedding season begins. Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or cousin’s, shopping is a must this season.

To make our lives a little easier, Boulevard One is coming up with yet another amazing exhibition showcasing designer outfits, footwear, jewellery, bags and much more. Some of the designers participating are Hema Kaul, Agha Noor, Sapphire, Sana Rashid, Jade, Sofia Badar, Maria Khan and Pretty Little Things.

Launched by two incredibly talented women, Sadaf M Khan and Niti Modi, this is one place where you will find everything you need for this festive season under one roof. Below are the details of the exhibition and a glimpse of some pieces that will be available there.


Name: Boulevard One

Date: 17th October 2015, Saturday

Location: The Royal Ballroom,

The Palace Downtown, Dubai.

BourlevardOne2 BourlevardOne3 BourlevardOne4 BourlevardOne5 BourlevardOne6 BourlevardOne7 BourlevardOne8 BourlevardOne9


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