5 ways to style a Jumpsuit

With the ever growing fashion trends there is only one fear that each one of us could possible have.. How much are you going to buy? Since it is practically not possible to just hoard on items, it’s best to find an alternate solution. What I usually do is I try and find different ways to wear the same outfit, that way you don’t have to invest in too many looks and you can repeat your outfit several times without anyone finding out. No more guilty shopping!

One of my favourite pieces in the wardrobe at the moment is this jumpsuit which I bought ages ago. I’ve worn it to parties, brunch, dinners and even for a night out. I love experimenting with it and I’ve come up with 5 ways that you could possible wear this. You could pick out any of your jumpsuits or a strappy dress to try out these looks:

1. Wear it as it is
Of course the first way is to wear the look as it is. You can choose to dress it up with accessories and heels or tone it down with sneakers.

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit- Zara
Bag- Pinko
Earrings- Zara
Shoes- Charles & Keith

2. Layer a trench coat over it

In case you live in a  country where the temperature drops just style this jumpsuit with a cool contrasting trench coat. Not only does it look super chic but it also keep you warm, a look that I totally love.

3. Wear a top over it
If you’re having one of those days where you don’t want to show much skin or haven’t waxed or it’s too cold, then fear not.. Just throw on a half sleeve or a full sleeve basic tshirt on top of the strappy jumpsuit. No one will really find out what you’re wearing underneath and it will look like you’ve worn some really cool pants.


4. Wear a turtle neck beneath it
One of my absolute favourite ways to style a strappy dress or a jumpsuit is to slip in a turtle neck beneath it. It gives a very retro and sophisticated look. Feel free to play with colours. Incase you have a black dress with thin straps then you can style that with a black turtleneck inside and accessorise it with gold jewellery and a top knot for a super classy all black look.

5 . Pull the straps down and wear a tube top over it

This is just perfect for a fun brunch or a party. Pick out the coolest earrings or a choker to style this open shoulder look. Pull the straps down and wear a tube top and add a little twist to the otherwise basic jumpsuit.



Hope you guys like the looks, if you try them out don’t forget to tag me! Xx

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8 comments on “5 ways to style a Jumpsuit”

  1. Loved all the outfit pics 🙂 I truly agree with your thought “Wear it as it is”. Red Hand bag is really eye catching.

  2. You are so beautiful. You have a great sense of fashion. The way you style jumpsuit is really superb.

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