Coloured Eyeshadow Trick

With summer in tow I’m sure a lot of you are looking at trying different makeup techniques, just like me. This one in particular is one of my favourite trends- wearing a green eyeshadow. But when I first tried it on it didn’t quite look the way it should have until I actually found an amazing trick to make any dark coloured eyeshadow pop. Follow the step by step tutorial to find out:

Step 1:
Start with moisturising your skin so it looks fresh and hydrated. Then apply a nude eyeshadow on the lid and put loads of powder under the eye,  just in case the shadow falls it’s easier to wipe it off.

Step 2:
Pick any black gel liner that you like (I like the ones from Inglot, Loreal and Maybelline)
Create a second layer by applying little black dots all over the nude eyeshadow and immediately blend it. Just make sure to keep the black layer very light. (A trick that works for almost all dark coloured eyeshadows) For light eyeshadows like yellow and pink use a white base instead of black.

Step 3:
Now that you have a little black base, apply a generous amount of the green eyeshadow on the lid. 

Step 4:
If you want the green to pop a little more then highlight the inner and outer corner of the eye. I use a white highlighter for the inner corner, it adds a gradient and makes the eyes look fresh. Add the black eyeshadow on the outer corner for that little smokey effect. Just make sure to blend it really well. Once you’re done with the eyeshadow wipe off the excess powder from beneath.

Step 5: 
Complete the base makeup using your preferred foundation, corrector and contour. (Click here for a tutorial)

Step 6: 
With a black kohl pencil darken the outer edges of the eye and fill in the waterline. You can also use a little bit of the dark eyeshadow on the corners of the lower lash line. Complete the eye makeup with a bold black mascara.

Step 7:
Keep the rest of the look simple with a light blush and nude pink lips. Avoid a dark lipstick to ensure the eyes stay highlighted. 

You could try using the black gel liner base for any dark coloured eyeshadow. I’ve tried this several times and this trick always works.
Hope you guys like this look, if you do try it out make sure to tag me in your pictures. Also watch the step by step tutorial in the video below and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. 



Products Used:
Inglot Eyeshadow
Inglot Mascara
Inglot Black Liner
Inglot Eye Pencil
Bourjois Lipstick
Anastasia Glow Kit Highlighter


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