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Hello Ladies!

Since this is my first beauty post I thought of sharing my favourite make up products that I almost use on a daily basis. Out of everything that I’ve tried and tested these suit my skin the best. Always remember good makeup is an investment so never ever compromise on that. I absolutely love Make Up For Ever and I mostly stick to using their products. Since my skin is sensitive I don’t experiment too much unless required. I’m putting down a step by step process for the base makeup I use:

Step 1- Clinque Super City Block Sunscreen
I never step out of the house without a sunscreen even if its just for 5 mins. We all know the damage that the sun can cause. I have been using the Clinque Super City Block for almost 2 years now and I love it. Its sheer weightless formula is suitable for all skin types. Since I’m prone to tanning, this is a great find. Unlike other sunscreens this is not at all sticky, infact it gives a beautiful sheen to your face. The best part? You don’t need a foundation once you use this, it creates the perfect base for day wear.

Available at: Sephora in UAE





Step 2- Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
This amazing foundation has been in my kit since the last three years. Since I’m not a big fan of heavy foundations and cakey makeup I instantly loved this base from Make Up For Ever. It’s provides light to medium coverage and totally blends well into the skin making it look well moisturised. For me, one pump is good enough for the entire face and I generally use my fingertips or a beauty blender to spread it out.

My Skin Type: Dry
My Shade: N125
Available at: Sephora or the Make up For Ever store in UAE



Step 3- NARS/ Make Up For Ever Concealor
As dark circles run in the family my life is incomplete without a concealor. Currently I’m using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealor and the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream. The NARS concealor has a smooth texture and is great for long wear. You can build the coverage as you like, for me it provides almost full coverage. The MUFE concealer gives  the same coverage too but the texture is a little thick so I prefer adding a drop of the HD foundation to it. At times, I feel that an orange corrector is needed to get that flawless look. Occasionally I even mix the two for the perfect shade and texture. These two really suit my skin and are great but my hunt for a better one is still on.

NARS Shade- Biscuit ( a little dark for me, will be trying custard next time)
MUFE Shade- 10
Available at: Sephora or the Make up For Ever store in UAE






Step 4- Make up For Ever HD Powder
Once I’m done with the base I use this fine powder to set the make up in. I love it because its translucent so it matches all skin tones and doesn’t change my original shade.

Available at: Sephora or the Make up For Ever store in UAE





Step 5- Make up For Ever Velvet Finish Compact Powder
I’m not a big fan of the heavy contours but I still like to define my cheekbones so I came up with a better solution. I started using this velvet finish compact powder in a dark shade for contouring my cheekbones, nose and forehead. Not only does it serve my purpose but it also looks amazing.

Shade: 10
Available at: Sephora or at the Make up For Ever store in UAE




Step 6- Hi Impact Brows/ Naked 1 Palette
No look is complete without filling in the brows. I am blessed with good brows so there’s not much I have to do with them but a little bit of enhancing can go a long way. For the brows I usually use the Hi Impact Brow Palette or the shade darkhorse from Naked Palette 1.

The Hi Impact Brow Palette is a professional all in one eye and brow palette. Not only can you perfect your eyebrows but you can also use the same shades for a smokey eye or a day time dewy look.

I’m sure you must be familiar with the Naked Palette. I love the first version and have over used it. It might sound funny but I actually love using the shade darkhorse for my brows. It looks natural and totally fills in the spaces. If you’re travelling then this is the best choice.

Available at: Sephora in UAE




Beauty Blender:
The Beauty Blender is an absolute blessing for all beauty lovers. This makeup sponge is the best possible way to blend in your foundation, concelaor and to remove all the creases. It can be used dry but its best when damp. Since the sponge is soft, it creates the smoothest make up application ever. I swear by it and I highly recommend this in your makeup kit.

Available at: Sephora in UAE






If you have any other questions feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email. I will also be sharing my favourite blushes and eye make up brands very soon! Xx

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