My Daily Makeup Routine

”Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”- a quote that I truly live by. So even when it comes to my daily makeup routine I prefer a basic look as opposed to a cakey face. I’ve been getting so many questions about my makeup routine and the products I use so I thought of breaking it down into a step by step process making it easy for everyone to follow. Using a few of my favourite beauty items, I created this look which could be worn all day and also for a night out. Do follow the steps below and check out my video for a detailed explanation.

Step 1
I always start with my base makeup. You can read the article here
Once the dark circles are covered and the foundation is applied I take an angled brush and contour my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. For contouring I use the Make Up For Ever compact which is two shades darker, it gives a very natural look but just make sure to blend it well.

Step 2
I love blush pink cheeks and my favourite product is the Make Up For Ever cream blush. After contouring I apply this in circular motions and then blend it.

Step 3
To complete the look I then use the Volume Million Lashes mascara from L’Oréal, I love how it adds so much colour, drama and volume to the lashes.

Step 4
Once I’m done with the lashes I use a dark brown eyeshadow from the Naked Palette on my lower lash line for a shadow effect but only on the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5
I line the lips using a pink Sephora lip liner and then fill it in with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Matte Lipstick. The texture and the colour is great for both, day and night.

Makeup: Sephora Middle East

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