Testing Korean Products

I’m absolutely loving the new trend where everyone is switching their loyalty towards Korean products. Recently Sephora has launched tons of Korean brands, a fad I couldn’t wait to indulge in. Out of all the brands I saw on display Tony Moly surely caught my eye. Their super cute packaged products are definitely the biggest reason for you to splurge. I tried three Korean products recently and here is what I think about them.

1)Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk
This has to be the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen. This banana hand cream actually comes in a plastic banana which is so easy to carry while on the go. Plus I’m sold at anything that looks natural sans chemical. This nutricious and rich cream with the banana extract, camomile flower extracts and milk protein is supposed to be a good moisturiser for the hand. The texture of the cream is not too loose, it’s more curdy like a soft mashed banana.

There is no sticky creamy feeling.
It does leave your hand very soft.
I loved the fresh banana fragrance, it was more like the yellow wrigleys gum.

The fresh fruity fragrance only lasts for about 3 to 4 minutes.
This is not the best moistuirsing lotion for sure.

I would only recommend this product if your hands aren’t too dry. For hands that need extra moisturisation a shea butter cream would do justice. This product is good if you need a thin layer of moisturisation. This is definitely my flight buddy from now on.

Price: Dhs 35
Available at: Sephora stores/ www.sephora.ae



2)Tony Moly Panda’s Dream
This so cool eye stick instantly caught my eye with the cute Panda Packaging. The adorable Panda Face was enough to lure me to add it to my basket. But was it worth it? Lets find out..
So it claims to provide moisture and give cooling effects to the area around the eyes. It looks like a roll on glue stick that you can just glide across the eye. It has a fresh/ minty/ floral kind of fragrance. As soon as you wear it you do feel a cooling effect on the eye.

Overall I didn’t find any difference to my under eye area. It does have some anti ageing properties to combat the wrinkles but I think you might have to use the product for long before that happens. It’s a product that you can miss!

Price: Dhs 45
Available at: Sephora stores/ www.sephora.ae



3)SkinFood Black Sugar Essential Scrub:
This is another Korean product that I was keen on trying. This is a total cleansing line featuring black sugar, refined rice wine and botanical oils for easy makeup removal and cleansing for a smooth, clear complexion. It is a  facial scrub that transforms rough dry skin leaving a radiant smooth complexion. Dead skin cells are gently removed while skin is nourished and moisturized. As soon as you apply it you can feel the sugar granules rub on your skin. Once you wash it the granules melt and it turns into a white foam.

The fragrance is very pleasant.
The texture is like a regular scrub, not too liquidy.
It definitely removes the dead skin cells and gives the skin a glow.

The packaging has no instructions in English, so you don’t really know how to use it.
It might be a little too harsh for sensitive skin.

It definitely does get rid of the dead cells and makes your skin glow but if you have sensitive skin avoid it or just don’t scrub.

Price: Dhs 110
Available at: Sephora stores/ www.sephora.ae


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