Tips for Going on a Shopping Spree in Milan

Milan is a historic and gorgeous city that is one of the best European cities to go on a shopping spree in, especially for fashion and luxury items. So, if you love to shop and explore charming cities, planning a trip here is a must. While it is a medium-sized city, there are many different shopping districts and specialty items to buy here, so pre-planning your shopping spree in Milan will help you find all your must-have items and introduce you to some new favorites as well. 

What to buy in Milan

There are incredible shops of all kinds around Milan, so you have your choice of luxury, 100% Made in Italy and artisanal items to choose from. 

Some of the best items to buy while in Milan are:


Accessories are a key part of Italian fashion as they complete any look and make it chic. They are also a way you can really show your individuality and style. Milan is the perfect place to buy high-quality items, such as a luxury watch or statement accessories. The center is full of jewelry stores like Pisa Orologeria for example, the perfect place to buy a Rolex watch in Milan, as well as many other boutiques where you can find gorgeous pieces from the top high-end brands. 

High-end Italian fashion

Italian fashion is famous around the world, with luxury brands and high-end fashion being at the top of the industry. There are specific pockets around the city dedicated to high-end Italian fashion (I’ll share in the next section!), so you can pop from shop to shop as you please. 


Known for its high-quality, leather, and 100% Made in Italy products, handbags in Italy are a highly sought-after item. While you want to bring a handbag or two for your time in Milan, if you plan on buying one (or more) while you are here, remember to save space in your luggage for your trip home. 

 Handcrafted umbrellas

Style is incorporated into everything in Milan, including something as seemingly simple as an umbrella. You can shop gorgeous umbrellas from Francesco Maglia Umbrellas for example, as well as at Scarazzini’s. 


Artwork is a special item to shop for when you travel, as everyone has their own style and taste. As a place that a focus on design, it is a wonderful place to shop for artwork in Milan. 


Porcelain products add that bit of Milan character to your own space, and will always remind you of your time in Milan. 


One of the most popular things that people shop for in Milan is delicatessen, such as chocolate, panettone, truffles, cheeses, etc. A popular place to shop for delicatessen is Peck, located in the city center.  

Shopping spree hot spots in Milan

From shopping areas to main streets that run along the city, Milan has some hot spots for shopping that locals and visitors always find their ways to for the best finds.

Some of the best places and neighborhoods to go shopping in Milan are:

Quadrilatero della moda

The quadrilatero della moda, or the Quadrilatero d’Oro (the Golden Square) is where you go for high-end fashion and beautiful window shopping. The four streets that make it up are: via Manzoni, Via Mentenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia. 

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

Corso Vittorio Emanuele is one of the main streets In the city. You’ll find shops such as Prada, Gucci and Borsellini at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, as well as high street shops along Corso Vittorio Emanuele. 

Corso Buenos Aires

Head to Corso Buenos Aires for the best high street shopping In Milan. 

In general, Milan is a lively and beautiful city with incredible shopping and so much to see and do. When you’re ready to take a break from shopping, head to enjoy some pastries and artisanal coffee in one of the many local coffee shops. Or, have a bit to eat in a traditional restaurant or bistro. 

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