Italian Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life

In Mediterranean countries, beauty trends are all about natural beauty and showing your true self. They tend not to pile on the makeup and focus a lot on skincare, letting your natural skin shine through. By following these few trends it may just do the trick and turn you into a bella Italiana. 

First things first, good skin comes from a good diet
Regardless of whether you choose to wear makeup, the base for every good ‘face’ is good skin. Good skin comes from a good diet (and genetics!). So focus on the factor that you can control and support your skin the best you can with proper nutrition. The Mediterranean diet has a foundation of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans and whole grains. Eating vegetables, particularly non-starchy vegetables (you can scroll through a list of them on sites like, and fruits are crucial for overall health and good skin. When you have a healthy Mediterranean diet, you will notice yourself feeling better and your skin having that extra glow.

Nails always on point
As just about any Italian will say, Italians are expressive talkers. Hand gestures are a large part of the language and so having your nails done is critical. Red or black are usually the go-to colors, as well as nude. Remember to keep a bottle of your current color accessible in case you get a chip and don’t push out a manicure unless you take the color off yourself. 

Good eye cream and mascara
Eye cream and mascara are two crucial parts of beauty regiments thanks to Italian women having beautiful eyes but dark circles are hereditary.

Moisturizer is your BFF
Moisturizer brings life back to your face and gives it that natural/hydrated look. Find the right moisturizer for your skin and you can skip the makeup!

Strobing is becoming big in makeup now to highlight sculptured cheek bones
Strobing is an easy and impactful way to incorporate a little boost to your daily look with makeup. Do your skincare routine, perhaps a little tinted moisturizer, then use the strobing technique to highlight and illuminate the high points on your face. To ‘strobe’, apply a dewy concealer lighter than your skintone where the light naturally hits your face, including the upper cheekbone, temples, under the eyebrow and the bow of your lip. Hydrated skin is crucial for this makeup technique so that your skin looks healthy and dewy rather than dry and ‘cakey’. 

No makeup is generally the way to go thanks to Italians always taking great care of their skin.
Makeup can be fun for nights out or special occasions, but no makeup is generally the way to go for Italians. Since they take such great care of their skin, it shows off their natural beauty and lets their skin stay looking clear and bright. This is a great way to also become more confident in your own skin. If you are transitioning from wearing a full face of makeup everyday, try reducing your makeup use down to basics and choose one point to highlight. For example, use a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, curl your lashes, groom and brush your brows, and use a lipstick that you love. 


Italian women are iconic for their effortless yet always sophisticated and polished style, and with these quick fixes, you’ll be hearing ‘Ciao Bella’ very soon.


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