Fun Trip Ideas for America’s Wild West

If you’re looking for a new and exciting travel destination, there are a few places more thrilling to visit than America’s famous “Wild West”. Whether it’s the vast landscape, beautiful landmarks or more of a city break you’re looking for, the Wild West has something special in store – and it can all be easily seen by car. Why not take some time to discover it this summer from the safety of your own vehicle? 

Your journey to this part of the USA may bring you to arguably its most famous city: San Francisco. Located in Northern California, it’s home to a rich cultural history and some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, not least of which is its bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge, of course, comes to everyone’s mind – but there’s also the Oakland Bay Bridge, known locally simply as ‘Bay Bridge’, which is worthy of your attention. Built on sturdy ‘earthquake-proof’ foundations, it has two decks and is among the longest bridges in the country. While you’re here, it’s worth at least one drive across to experience the immaculate view of San Francisco Bay if nothing else.

Speaking of large landmarks and breath-taking views, drive towards the neighboring state of Arizona to catch a glimpse of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park is a spectacular tourist destination in its own right, allowing you to lodge overnight or even do some camping around one of the natural wonders of the world, but primarily you’d be here to savor the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a view truly unlike anything else.

Don’t forget about the Antelope Canyon while you’re in Arizona, one with equally unique views that shouldn’t be overlooked. Or rather, they can be overlooked (literally) if you’re extra careful. This deep cavernous area can be visited only when accompanied by authorized, skilled tour guides – if you’ve ever seen the 2010 film 127 Hours, you can understand why (though it is set at a different location).

Las Vegas is a place worth visiting even if you don’t consider yourself the gambling type. The bright lights of the city at night are as magical as anywhere else, creating a hive of atmosphere quite unlike anything you’ve seen before, while the landscape surrounding it is just as amazing during the daylight hours. With a selection of fine dining, shopping and entertainment complexes, and great nightlife in general, you don’t need to visit a casino to love Vegas.

Speaking of famous cities, few can match Denver. While you’re here, drive up to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, located on Colorado Highway 5, for another breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains. The inner city has a range of activities including the Botanic Gardens, Coors Field (for baseball fans), Denver Art Museum, Washington Park and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey distillery, to name a few.

No doubt about it, America’s Wild West has more than earned its reputation. Take an unforgettable road trip through it with friends or family; you’ll find some of the most welcoming and beautiful locations on the planet. Just ensure to take the necessary precautions and bring your masks! 


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