Top Five Travel Essentials

I keep looking for things that make my life simpler, especially when you’re always on the go. With so many travel plans around the corner, I compiled a list of five products that help me organise and make travelling a lot more easier. Apart from the regular necessities like camera, portable chargers, selfie stick etc, these five products are now permanently on my travel list.

1.Philips Travel Steam Iron
If you’re a crease fanatic like me then this one should be on the top of your shopping list. If there’s one thing I can’t handle then that would be unironed clothes. So after a lot of failed attempts of relying on hotels to provide me with irons I decided to carry my own. This steam iron is a blessing in my life. Because of the size it is really easy to carry and weighs less than 100gms. Not only does it steer clear from burning fancy clothes but you can also use it to iron your hats which always tend to squish while packing.
Available at various electronic and departmental stores
Also on, priced at AED299. (I bought mine from Carrefour and a little cheaper)





2. Travel Weighing Scale
How many of you overpack like me? It’s a nightmare when some airlines allow you only 23kgs, I mean how do you manage to fit in clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories in that limit. But when you have to, you have no choice. So just to avoid the embarrassing ‘’open you bag at the airport situation’’ I picked up this travel weighing scale. It’s perfectly accurate and you can adjust the weight of your bags before you leave for the airport. No more emptying bags!
Available on Amazon, Ebay,
I picked mine from a local store in Meena Bazaar for AED10 (Quite a deal!)





3. Metallic Reversible Bag
Are you also always wondering how many bags to carry on a holiday? It’s crazy when you have luggage restrictions and not every bag of yours matches with every item of clothing. But then came this reversible bag to my rescue. Firstly, this bag is perfectly sized to fit in your camera, wallet, phone, charger etc. and secondly, it’s reversible. It’s bronze on one side and metallic silver on the other, the two colours that match with everything. This by far, is one of my best buys. It can be used as a beach bag, shopping bag, travel bag etc, quite a multi-purpose arm candy!
Available at: Zara, AED175




4. Toiletry/Makeup Bags
These bags help me organize my things when travelling. I use one of them for medicines, one for makeup, one for flight essentials and the Pink Beauty Bag for toiletries.
Available at: Victoria’s Secret (Pic 1)
Pink Beauty Bag-, Rs1,000


20150714_01194620150714_011946 20150714_01203120150714_012031

5. Wear me Wash me Laundry bag
I absolutely love things that help me sort out my laundry. I stumbled upon this bag while browsing online and ordered for one. Available in plenty colours, this piece is so amazing when it comes to separating your used lingerie from the fresh ones. No more shuffling through luggage to recall what’s new & what’s worn.
Available at:, Rs600



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