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Everyone who knows me would know of my love for travelling and exploring unique destinations. One of the most amazing experiences was attending the world’s biggest music festival, Tomorrowland. I was lucky enough to visit this festival twice, once in 2015 and then 2016. You can read all about my 2015 experience here- Click

I often get tons of queries and questions regarding booking tickets and staying options so I decided to come up with a long list of all the possible FAQs. In case I have missed out on something please do leave a comment and let me know and make sure to watch my 2015 aftermovie below.

FAQs for Tomorrowland

About Tomorrowland

1. What is Tomorrowland?
Tomorrowland is the world’s largest electronic music festival that is held once a year in Boom, which is a small town in Belgium.

2. When is the festival and for how many days?
The festival takes place in the third week of July every year for three days. Tickets are sold as a package for all three days but you can feel free to skip any if you like.

3. Where does it happen?
Tomorrowland takes place in a small town called Boom, in the Belgian countryside. It’s not only a festival set up, the site feels like an entire world by itself. Boom is around 1hour 30 minutes from Brussels and Antwerp.

Festival Details

4. What is the Tomorrowland bracelet? How do I get it? How important is it?
Once you book your Tomorrowland tickets, you have to register for the bracelet and they will send it to you by post a month before the festival. If you don’t receive it please write to them. At times they also give it at the customer service counter which is at the entrance of the festival. In that case make sure to carry all your booking details and a photo I’d.

This bracelet is your entry ticket to the festival. Apart from being the only way to enter this music festival your Tomorrowland bracelet is also the only way you buy anything on site. To make any purchases like food, water, merchandise you need your bracelet. At all the counters they scan it and deduct the amount filled in it for any purchase, literally like a debit card. At no cost you can lose this bracelet, it is like your passport. Once lost it cannot be recovered and you will be denied entry into the festival.

5. Tomorrowland has its own currency. What is it? What is the valuation?
Tomorrowland is a cashless festival, that doesn’t mean you don’t take any cash along, it just means that they don’t accept cash for food, beverages and merchandise. They accept pearls, which is their own currency and you have to fill it in your bracelet.

You have to go to the cash counters, pay them the amount you want to exchange and then they fill in that value into your bracelet. So every time you want to make a purchase just tap your bracelet on their machine and the amount gets deducted, it’s so easy and convenient! The valuation of the pearls changes every year.
When you buy your tickets, you also get an option of purchasing pearls (Tomorrowland’s currency) at a better rate before the festival starts. If not, on the day of the festival you can top up your bracelet with pearls. I would recommend you to buy it before hand as the rate is way better and you can avoid the long line. On the last day you can also get a refund for the ones you didn’t spend.

6. How is the weather at Tomorrowland?
The Belgian weather is extremely unpredictable. It might be sunny when you step out of the hotel but ten minutes later you could find a bad storm on your way so just be prepared and dress accordingly. In the two years that I went there, 2015 was extremely cold and rainy and I was so not prepared. The only thing that helped us from the torrential downpour is a poncho that was provided to us at the venue. On the other hand 2016 was so hot and humid, this time I was fully prepared with a thin plastic sheet kind of raincoat rolled up in my bag. I would highly recommend you to carry this incase you need it. Also pack a waterproof cover or zip lock for your phones and cameras. Overall you can’t predict anything at all. I would recommend wearing black boots and comfortable clothing.

7. Are there enough food options? Is there something for vegetarians?
I was completely stumped to see the kind of variety of food that was available. The festival site has an area dedicated to food lovers. They have stalls serving salads, fruits, noodles, kebabs, falafels, pizza, truffle pasta, chocolates, quinoa salad, rolls, sandwiches and even coffee! The set up is well planned based on the kind of international crowd that arrives. Some of my favourites were the falafel rolls, Belgian fries, truffle pizza and strawberries with nutella. If you’re in the mood for something fancy then they also have fine dining sit down restaurants. Be rest assured they have tons of vegetarian options. The stalls are spread out over the venue and food is available in almost every corner. The stalls shut down around 11.00-11.30 pm so make sure you stock up before that. Since it’s a cashless festival you have to top up your bracelet with pearls at the main food counter and these pearls can be used to purchase anything.

8. What amount would you spend in three days of the festival?
This would differ from person to person. It totally depends on how much you eat and drink. On an average each food item costs 20 euros approx. So totally in a day you would spend anything between 50 to 150 euros including drinks. This does not include the cab fare.

9. What documents do I need to carry while going for this trip?
You need your basic travel documents for the trip i.e., your passport and Schengen visa. You don’t need to carry this at the festival site but always keep a passport copy in your bag just in case you need a photo I’d.

10. What is the best way to reach the venue?
There are various ways to get to Boom but it depends on what package you have taken and where you’re staying. If you’re in Dreamville, well that’s just a part of Boom, right in the festival ground. If you’re staying in Brussels or Antwerp you could either take the Tomorrowland shuttle (if you’re a part of the Global Journey), a cab (quickest way) or a train (free shuttles are provided from the station to the venue). Antwerp is definitely closer to Boom than Brussels is. Taking a cab is the most convenient way but expensive too. You can also try the shuttle bus but they have fixed timings, so if you want to leave a little early or late, that won’t be possible. You can also tie up with private car companies or taxis that can drop and fetch you. That’s exactly what I did and it was convenient and economical.

11. Is there a need to pre-book trains if I am travelling from another city?
No it’s not necessary to do so. Tickets are always available but if you book it way in advance you will definitely save a lot of money. If not then try buying it a day or two prior for a guaranteed seat.

12. Should I visit other cities before and after Tomorrowland?
Yes of course, there are tons of places to see in and around Belgium. I recommend doing the fun cities before Tomorrowland because you definitely won’t have the spirit to party after the festival. But don’t exhaust yourself before the festival either. You could totally visit places like Amsterdam, Spain, Hamburg, Munich, Paris before the trip and cities like Bruges, Prague, Baden Baden after Belgium.
You can refer to the Bruges guide here.

13. How is the crowd at Tomorrowland? Is it in control? Should I expect a stampede?
It is the world’s largest music festival so yes, it is very crowded. But the festival site is so huge and spread out that the entire crowd is divided across all the different stages. You will find people from all across the world with different nationalities and one common motive, the love for music. So at no point you will find a stampede or any sort of fight. The crowd is extremely decent and everyone is too busy enjoying it. Overall the festival is way too organized and well guarded, there are tons of security guards around at every moment. People extremely friendly, you will only leave the place with good memories and new friends.

14. What time does the last performance get over? Should I leave early to avoid the exit crowd?
The festival ends at 12 midnight. Ideally the best time to start exiting is around 11.30pm to avoid the rush. From 12 to 1am the exit is way too crowded, you might find it difficult to get a taxi as well. But on the last day make sure you stay till the end because you just don’t want to miss the closing fireworks.

15. What time should I arrive at the festival?
The crowd starts to enter the festival around 12 noon which means they leave their hotel between 10.30 -11am. The good artists start playing around 3pm so it’s totally alright to enter then. The place is completely filled up by 4pm. We always entered around 3.30-4pm and stayed till the end.

16. If I stay in a hotel in Brussels or Antwerp is there transport available?
A free shuttle service is available only if you are a part of the global journey. If not you have to arrange for a private pick up or taxis.

17. How many stages are there at the festival? Which is your favourite?
Apart from the main stage there are atleast 10 to 15 stages, they change every year.
I would recommend checking each and every corner and experiencing every single stage. People often make the mistake of sticking to the main stage only but the other stages are equally good.

18. If I want to relax and not party is there a quiet spot?
Yes of course, you don’t necessarily have to party. There are tons of quiet spots where people relax, read books, sit on the grass, lie down on a hammock, spin in the ferris wheel.

Tickets, Prices & Booking

19. When should I start planning the trip?
The festival takes place in July and the tickets go on sale around February. But you have to pre-register in December or January. Pre-registration is free of cost and is mandatory or else you won’t be updated about the ticket sales. You will have to start planning the trip six months in advance.

20. Is pre- registration important? What if I skip it?
If you have not registered before ticket sale starts you will not be able to purchase a Tomorrowland Ticket.
Access to the ticket sale is only permitted by using your personalized link which you receive in your confirmation email after you have pre-registered. Please note that pre-registration does not guarantee you a ticket.

21. What are the different packages available for purchase? And what are the different types of tickets?
You can choose between the Global Journey, Dreamville or just a regular pass.
Also there are four categories of the tickets- Regular, comfort, VIP and VVIP.

22. What is the difference between all the categories of the tickets?
All tickets guarantee you entry into the festival site along with access to all the stages.
There are two small building sort of structures near the main stage. One is for the comfort pass holders and the other for VIP and VVIP guests.

The comfort pass holders have access to a private bar, finger snacks, a Jacuzzi area, a massage centre, private washrooms and an elevated platform to enjoy the main stage.
The VIP and VVIP guests have all of the above along with access to the other building which has private tables, lesser crowd, dance performances, champagne, lots of snacks and other benefits.

23. What category would you suggest?
I have tried the VIP and the comfort and I would recommend taking the comfort pass. The VIP is great if you don’t want to explore the festival ground. If you don’t want to just be at one place, want to move around, explore different stages then I would recommend taking regular or comfort.

24. What is DreamVille? Do they provide tents or do we have to make our arrangements?
Dreamville is the camping experience at the festival site. It is a world in itself. There are tons of accommodation options in Dreamville. Please check the link below for details:

25. Would you recommend Dreamville? What are the pros and cons?
I personally haven’t tried Dreamville but I’m sure it is a lot of fun. If luxury is not what you are looking at then this is a great option. It is a camping experience with tons of other music lovers. You can choose the tent based on your comfort.


  • You get to meet tons of new people and you can literally chill with them day and night.
  • You are right in the festival site so you can just walk up to the main stage, no transport is required.
  • Dreamville has its own Gathering. Their famous opening party is the perfect warm up for the crazy weekend and is open only for the Dreamville guests.


  • It’s not a hotel. You will be living in a tent, so don’t expect any sort of luxury services.
  • If it rains the place can get a bit mushy.

26. Can I camp in my Caravan?
Absolutely No! Belgium does not allow camping in public places.

27. Are Dreamville passes sold per tent or per person?
This totally depends upon the type of accommodation you choose. Some passes are per person while the others are per tent and per room. Click for more details (Dreamville)

28. What is the Global Journey?
Global journey is the easiest possible way to travel to Tomorrowland. It offers a complete travel experience from the moment you take off.

They have packages for your flight, train, hotels, buses, group bookings, sightseeing in Belgium and other countries. They arrange for all of the above. The whole idea is that you enjoy being with fellow party goers and you travel with them and live in the same hotel.

Every Global Journey package includes a Tomorrowland Ticket.
Find all details here
Flights trains and buses depart from selected cities. Click the clink above for all details.

29. What is so special about these flights and hotels?
There are two sorts of flight packages, regular and special. The special Tomorrowland flight is a party flight where there is a DJ inside playing music and the flight has the Tomorrowland logo. It is a proper party in the sky!
Whereas the hotels are special themed hotels, which means everyone from the festival will be staying here. Also they excuse late checkouts, arrange a buffet at 2am for people returning from the festival, arrange for a shuttle bus to and fro and have special gatherings in the hotel.

30. Benefits of the Global Journey package?

  • It included transfers to the festival.
  • You can stay in a Tomorrowland theme hotel
  • They have a variety of hotels to choose from depending on your budget.

31. Can you change the flights incase you want to extend your stay?
No unfortunately you cannot make any changes. Either book your own flight tickets if you plan to extend your stay or miss your return flight.

32. Do I need to personalize my Tomorrowland ticket?
If you have purchased only the ticket online you have to personlaise it on the website. You don’t need to personalize your tickets when you have bought a Global Journey Package. Global Journey handles it for you with the data you registered during purchase.

33. How many tickets can I purchase at once?
You can buy upto 4 tickets for 4 people per order.

34. Can I make any changes after buying the package?
No you can’t. Make sure to choose the correct category and enter the right details while buying. You cannot even change the name on your ticket.

35. What is the price range for the tickets?
For a Global Journey Pass in 2016 I paid 1200 Euros per person. This included the Comfort Pass, 4 nights stay in Hotel Bloom Brussels, daily breakfast and daily transfers to the venue.
For latest pricing options you can check this- Prices

36. How long before the tickets get sold out?
You will receive an email before the tickets go on sale. On the day of the sale follow the special link you receive in your email and make sure to sit on your computer and ask your friends to do the same because you really never know who gets through it. Usually it takes a while, your window will keep processing, just be patient, do not refresh. I suggest you open the site on multiple windows and try different things with each of them. Once you get on the page you will get barely 10 mins to finish the transaction so make sure to decided the details beforehand to avoid losing your chance.

37. Where should I purchase the tickets from?
You have an option to purchase the tickets from the official website or through their authorized agents mentioned on their website. The latter should be your last option.

38. Are there only the passes available as well? Can you buy a pass for a particular day only?
Yes regular passes are available but extremely difficult to purchase online. They are usually the first ones to sell out. You do not get individual day passes; it’s a package for all three days. If you don’t mind taking a chance then a lot of people sell day passes outside the venue but there is no guarantee of the authenticity. If you wish to sell it after the first day you can try that too.

39. Who are the official travel partners of Tomorrowland?
You can follow the link to find the travel partner from your country
They are officially associated with Tomorrowland and sell real passes and packages. I have dealt with Revel Travels from India in the past and had a good experience.

40. Antwerp or Brussels? What would you recommend?
I would pick Brussels anyday! It’s more happening and there’s lot to do around. Antwerp on the other hand is quite dead after 6pm.

41. What do I prefer? Global Journey or the regular package?
Of course the Global Journey. Not only is it economical but also more fun to stay in a theme hotel along with other party goers.

42. What package did I take?
In 2015 I booked my tickets a little too late so I had to go through Revel Travels from India. They gave me festival passes and a good hotel deal in Antwerp, but it was not a theme hotel and overall I spent double of what I should have. In 2016 I opted for the Global Journey package which I booked in advance from the website. I saved a lot of money and totally enjoyed the theme hotel. I did not opt for the flight options because I wanted to travel to Prague after the trip.

Travel and Visa

43. What Visa should I apply for and how long in advance?
You need the Schengen visa for Belgium. The documents and the process differs depending on the passport you hold. I would recommend applying for it two months prior.

44. Does the Tomorrowland ticket come with Insurance?
No it doesn’t. You can purchase a basic travel insurance from any of the providers around the world. I usually buy mine from AIG or RSA.

General Queries

45. Are cameras permitted in the festival grounds? How is the security check?
Yes of course they do allow cameras but I’m not sure about large size shooting equipment. The security is quite tight. They scan your bags and do frisk you as well.

46. Are we allowed to take medicines inside?
Yes your basic medicines are allowed but make sure to carry a prescription and the bill for the same.
What Camera do you recommend carrying?

The whole idea of attending this festival is to have fun so whatever you carry make sure it is tiny and convenient. A DSLR may be a bad option. I would recommend carrying a GoPro or a small digicam. Even your phone camera will do wonders.

47. How are the washroom facilities?
All the washrooms in the festival ground are super clean and spread out everywhere. Doesn’t matter which pass you have, you will surely find clean washrooms around every stage.

48. What to wear for the festival?
The key to having fun is being comfortable so whatever you wear make sure you can stand and dance in it for atleast 8 hours. I recommend shorts with funky tees, long capes, fun pants, loose dresses anything that’s bohemian and chic. You can accessorise this with sparkles, flower tiaras, funky sunglasses and bindis on your face. Carry a crossbag so you don’t have to constantly hold something. Most importantly wear flat and comfortable closed shoes (no slippers), preferably in black or else they will get spoiled.

49. Would you recommend going in a group?
Yes the festival is always more fun in a  group. But a smaller one is better because the chances of you’ll separating are higher. It’s best if you decide on a common meeting point before you enter the festival incase any of you gets lost.

50. Is the festival worth the hype?
Yes! Absolutely! It is like Disneyland for adults…
It is totally worth the hype and you should experience this atleast once in your life..

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27 comments on “Tomorrowland FAQs”

  1. I have never heard of this festival. I can imagine that being in a small town changes the feel of the festival rather than a big city where it is an impersonal experience.

  2. I’ve heard of this festival, and though I’m not into electronic music, the vibe looks great here. Good things about it being cashless, I know festivals can get chaotic, so this is more ideal!

  3. I’ll move to Belgium next month and this is a very detailed post blog about a funny thing I could do there.
    Well done

  4. I see that you stayed in Hotel Bloom in Brussels. I will be staying there as well for this year’s Tomorrowland. How is your experience? Also, I am wondering what are the available times for the shuttles from Hotel Bloom to Tomorrowland and back. Will it be easy to spot the buses for Hotel Bloom? Thanks!

    1. Hi Raul,
      Hotel Bloom was fabulous. The rooms were quirky, the vibe was so energetic, location was great incase you want to step out, overall it was a good choice. I think the shuttles from Bloom to the festival are around 11am. There will be two shuttles right outside the hotel, announcements will be made and the timings will be mentioned as soon as you check in. You will receive all the possible details from the reception. If you don’t wish to take the hotel shuttle then you can tie up with a driver and ask him to pick and drop you. That’s what I did.
      On the way back if you plan to take the shuttle please note that the shuttles are parked very far from the festival site, it’s a 30 min walk to the bus stand. It takes a lot of time to come back, if you can then take a cab.
      If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Are we allowed to smoke anywhere at the Tomorrowland grounds? Also, Camelbak bags are allowed right?

  5. the price you mention of 1200 euros, does it include flights also or only tickets + hotel. Also which category of hotel did you opt for? And were your tickets comfort pass or regular?

    1. Hi Shreye
      The price does not include flights. It’s for the comfort Global Journey package. I opted for Hotel Bloom (4 star). So the package included tickets and the hotel stay only.

  6. Hi Sonam,

    Great site and great in depth information on Tomorrowland! Me and my friends have booked the global journey hotel package in Brussels. Can you tell me rough times that the shuttles depart from the hotel to go to the festival? We’re concerned that it may be too early for us, we don’t really want to enter till after 2-3pm.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Samir

      Glad you liked it 🙂
      Usually the shuttle departs at around 10 or 11am which is a bit too early. So even I had booked a similar package and since we were 8 of us, we tied up with two cab drivers to drop and pick us up from the festival everyday. You can try doing the same.. Even the shuttle bus at night is parked really far from the venue so it’s a good 30 min walk and the bus will move only once its full. So I would definitely recommend a cab over a shuttle.

      If there’s anything else you need do let me know…

  7. Hi Sonam,

    Thanks for the reply. That would probably make more sense for us. If we did book a cab then how far would the cab stand be from the festival if as you said the shuttle buses are far?

    And is it very hectic to find the cab, is there an alternative meeting point you would suggest to ask the cab to meet?

    Any cab companies you can recommend too would be great.

    Thanks again in advance!


    1. The cabs aren’t too far. As you get out of the main gate the cab stand will be on your right in the lane. It’s a 2 min walk from the gate.
      No it’s actually not difficult to get a cab but you need to leave before the others. Because when thousands of people leave together you can totally imagine the chaos.

      Either you leave at 11.55 (festival ends at 12) or you rush out as soon as it’s over. Alternatively if you have your own cab guy you can meet him near this cafe on the right side or any of the nearby lanes and he can take you back home.
      I don’t know of any cab companies, we had actually tied up with one of the cab guys we met a day prior to the event. You can try doing the same. If you can’t find someone prior to the festival don’t stress you manage to get a cab at the event 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I have a question about shuttles. Could you please detail the process? My friends and I bought a Global Journey Hotel Package.Wondering do we get shuttle passes or do the shuttles scan our wristbands before we get on?


    1. Hi Sam

      You don’t need a separate pass, your Global Journey band will be of a different colour as compared to a normal band. And you just need to keep that on for all three days, it’s waterproof.

  9. Hi Sonam! You did give me a lot of idea so thanks for that. First time to go to Tomorrowland this year and we got the GJ hotel package. That hotel buffet at 2am got me interested. Wondering was that free though?

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