Tips for International travel to India during Covid

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If you are flying to India during COVID then you definitely need to read this. So I recently flew from Dubai to Mumbai and got extremely lucky with a quick exit only because I had certain documents in place. Luckily my brother flew 5 days before me and he warned about all the necessary steps. So if any of you are flying into Mumbai International Airport during COVID please do make sure you read this article and follow all the steps properly if you wish to exit the airport quickly and get exempted from Institutional Quarantine. I hope this article helps:


1) As soon as you have a confirmed ticket make sure you select a seat. Pick something right in the front even if you have to pay for it. So take something as ahead as you can, it will make it easier for you to leave the aircraft and skip the long queues.


2) Download the Aarogya Setu app on the phone you are taking with you and make sure you register.


3) Do a COVID RT-PCR Test within 72 hours of your departure time. Make sure you carry three copies of your negative test.
If you don’t do the COVID test before the flight you will have to do it at the airport and wait in the lounge for 6 to 8 hours till your report arrives and that’s something I would not recommend.


4) 96 hours before your flight fill the Self Declaration form here – Air Suvidha 
Once you fill the form and submit it, you will receive an automated email confirming the same. Please take two print outs of the email attachment.


5) Within 48- 24 hours of the flight fill the application for exemption here- Click
Use the self declaration form’s application number while filling this and also upload your negative COVID test. (If you cross the 24 hr window your application will be rejected ) . You will receive an approval email, please do take two print outs. I did not receive an approval email on time, I got it after I landed in Mumbai but luckily because I submitted it on time, it was approved, the email got delayed.


6) Once you board the flight you will be given two forms by the crew, one which will have your details and the second will be an undertaking form. MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE CREW FOR TWO COPIES OF THESE FORMS. So in all you will have four copies (2 each), fill all of them in the flight and keep it in a file along with your other documents. Hold the file and your passport in your hand when exiting the aircraft.


7) As you exit the aircraft, ground staff will collect both the copies of the undertaking form you filled in the flight. Hand it over and walk ahead.


8) Then a little ahead someone will collect your self declaration print out (Air Suvidha form 1)


9) At immigration, they will collect the personal details form you filled in the flight.


10) After duty free they will check your Aarogya Setu App. If you haven’t downloaded it then there will be a separate queue for it. So please download and register before you board the flight.


11) After crossing the customs, towards the exit there will be a queue which will check your negative COVID test. The queue is divided based on where you stay in Mumbai. The ground staff will ask you questions about your address and will check your negative test. They might keep the copy, reconfirm your address and then give you a 14 day home quarantine stamp, which they tell you to wipe off once you leave the airport. If you have a negative COVID test already then feel free to wipe it off with a sanitizer after you leave the airport.


12) Please do sanitize your seats with a spray, wear your mask at all times (the shield can be suffocating so remove that after take off) Avoid eating anything especially if you have a short flight.


The whole process luckily took me 45-50 mins only because I had everything in place and I sat right in the front. Please note I flew on 16th November, the rules keep changing so do keep checking the latest updates online.
Hope you exit the airport quickly and safely and I really hope this article makes it easier. Fly safe! Xx

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  1. Great Content, this was very helpful. Thank you for spending the time and providing detailed instructions for each point along with the links for filling out the forms.

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