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When I think about Seychelles with its archipelago of 115 islands, the white sand beaches and electric sunsets, a shade of turquoise just envelopes my senses. My heart feels like a giant blue dream that I never want to wake up from. I fell in love with this island, slowly at first and before I could distinguish reality from dream, I was head over heels in love with it. What’s the reason? Well, many but in all of that was Six Senses, acting as a wingman, as a catalyst, between my muse and me.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon is not just your ordinary five star resort. Located on its very own private island, Félicité , this resort boasts white pearl beaches bordered by breathtaking massive granite rocks, swaying palm trees around rippling turquoise waters. It occupies only one-third of the island, the rest being dominated by a national park, further airbrushing the resort with a mystical charm.

As you step foot on this slice of paradise you will be transported into a magical world surrounded by nature in its true form. Breaking away from all the Indian Ocean cliches this resort executes the same vibe as the nature around it- exotic, dramatic and simply unreal. Expect beautiful pathways carved along gigantic boulders, lush green foliage and the birds chirping away making it the quintessential eco-conscious luxury getaway.


How to Reach:
Famed for its natural beauty and ultimate location, Félicité is the fifth largest island in Seychelles and is home to the luxurious Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Located on the north side of the island this is the only property here. The journey to this island is almost like an adventure in itself.
-We flew from Dubai to Mahe with Emirates (4hrs 40 mins)
– After landing we headed to the domestic terminal to board an Air Seychelles flight from Mahe to Praslin. (20 mins)
– On arriving in Praslin we were greeted by a Six Senses representative who then drove us to the ferry terminal
(20 mins)
РA private speed boat transfer to F̩licit̩ was arranged for us. (20 mins)
– It takes about 20 mins by boat from the nearby islands of La Digue or Praslin.
– Guests can also opt for a helicopter ride from Mahe to Félicité . Its supposed to be an exhilarating experience getting a birds eye view of Seychelles and landing on the resorts own jetty helipad.

JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles3JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles4 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles5 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles6 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles7 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles9JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles10 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles11 JourneySixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles1

Check in:

As we stepped foot on Félicité we knew we were in for a treat. Apart from the palettes of greens and blues, a lineup of GEMs and resort representatives greeted us with smiling faces. We were immediately escorted to a club car that took us to our room. Our personal butler Nhi waited for us at the doorstep of the villa with a beaming smile and led us in. She had completed all the check in formalities for us and just needed our signature, making the entire process so convenient and easy, a norm that I wish was mandatory for all luxury resorts.


The Interiors and Set Up:
This eco-conscious property is built around lush plantations and gigantic boulders without hampering the islands natural eco system. Spread across 652 acres of land, the 30 beautiful pool villas and 17 residences are nothing short of a dream.

The reception and restaurants are all clubbed together near the shore built like tiny huts with thatched roofs equivalent to a plantation village. The natural greens, laidback vibe, rope hammocks, wooden elements and contemporary interiors gives that perfect island feel, almost making time stand still.

There’s a certain exotic vibe on this island, somewhat like you’re lost in Jurassic Park. As compared to the other islands in Seychelles, Félicité bags the crown for looking so dramatic in every way with granite boulders looming out on every twist and turn overlooking the crystalline turquoise water.

SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles90.jpeg SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles64  SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles13 SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles8 SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles5 SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles4

Room: Panorama Pool Villa
The resort is home to some beautiful, plush and luxurious timber villas suitable for all kinds of travellers. Nestled in the womb of the tropical plantation was our scenic Panorama Pool Villa. As we stepped in we were in a whimsical and magical world almost like a living dream. The 200 square mt villa was the epitome of luxury in every way possible. It was carefully built on the edge of the cliff between the forested center ensuring enough privacy and keeping up with the eco vibe.

With breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, our room was spacious with low-set slanting layouts, Balau wood decking, and selectively chosen swanky interiors. Decorated in hues of turquoise and wooden elements the bedroom was extremely cozy and so romantic. While lying down on the bed you could totally enjoy the views of the Indian Ocean through the large window that opens up into your private sundeck and a stunning infinity pool. I spent the day swimming in my private pool and admiring the magnificent sunset in the evenings, making this spot the most preferred section in the villa. The pool also boasts an inclined stone bed built to relax and soak in the harmony. I could hear the woodpecker pecking and birds chirping on the roof tiles embracing the perpetual summer under their wings. As the sun would go down little twinkling lights would light up the pool almost making us feel like we’re floating in the night sky. Right along side the pool were two sun beds, a coffee table and a little bed that makes for a great reading spot.

The villa is well equipped with all the modern amenities you can think of- A 24 hour butler service, upscale electronics, organic mattresses, Marshall speakers, a minibar, wine chiller, a tea coffee set up, yoga mats and bags, a hat, beach sandals, in villa dining services and much more. The room has some high tech interiors and is well furnished with a digital lighting system.

On the other side of the room was a massive walk in closet, big enough to store luggage and for two adults to easily lounge around. The closet leads to my favourite part of the villa- The Bathroom. It’s that moment where I feel the bathroom deserves a separate description for itself. You know you’re in heaven when there’s a swing right next to your bathtub adding the perfect spark to the existing dream. I could sit there all day with a glass of wine watching the waves and the unending blues. Decorated in grey green quartz the bathroom was more like a glass house, so open and airy, overlooking the Indian Ocean from every corner. Enhancing the whimsical experience was the Japanese electronic loo that came with a fully functional control panel, an experience of a kind. Organic pharmacy toiletries and a beautiful rain shower in the corner completed this set up.

RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles7 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles82 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles79
RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles72 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles76 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles46RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles45

RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles23RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles170.jpegRoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles108 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles167.jpeg RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles168.jpeg RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles127.jpeg RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles102 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles44 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles2RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles5RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles172.jpegRoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles174.jpegRoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles141 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles97 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles137 RoomSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles136


Dining at Six Senses Seychelles, as expected, was a great delight. With fresh ingredients most of them home grown the meals were so exquisite and served in a perfect setting.

Our regular spot was the Island Cafe which is a fusion of American, African and Asian cultures, a place for diverse palettes. Set right in the outdoor close to the beach under a thatched roof it was my favourite restaurant to dine as you could enjoy your meal with the sound of the waves. The menu is simple, more familiar and includes burgers, sandwiches, Vietnamese rolls, salad, fruit platters and all sorts of seafood and meat mains. Our daily breakfast was served here too.

Breakfast was something I would look forward to and I loved the fact that the buffet spread was limited to a spread of cheese, fruits, croissants and breads, milk and cereals while the rest of the dishes were freshly made to order. The poached egg with avocado and sauteed mushrooms was a must have, just loved it so much. This restaurant also had certain dedicated food nights like Creole night where they served local delicacies like Red Snapper in tomato sauce, the palm leaf island salad, fresh grilled prawns etc, Indian nights where they cooked fresh kebabs, biryani, dal and sushi nights where the chef prepared all sorts of tempura dishes and delectable maki rolls.

Just a few steps away from the pool deck is the Koko bar, a white hut by the ocean serving some lip smacking cocktails all day. If you fancy a lunch by the pool they can do that too. With dainty rope swings and hammocks on the ocean this is the best place to relax.

Adjoining this is the Ocean Kitchen, the meat free restaurant that serves fresh catches direct from the ocean. The pescatarians are totally in for a treat here. This is a more romantic set up where you can dine under the stars right along the ocean front where the sound of the lashing waves is the only music you will hear and the light of the moon is enough to spark up the table.

They also have a Wine Vault where they offer tailor made experiences crafted to satisfy your palette. If rum is what you always look for then Lakanbiz is the place to go to. As you enter the aroma of home infused plums and cigars greet you in a heartfelt embrace. We did try out this place during a special wine session with the hotels GM. It’s definitely a great spot to catch the searing sunset while you sip on your drink. The resort also offers an interesting Champagne and samosa session at their famous sunset point.

RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles1 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles10

RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles48.jpeg RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles47 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles22 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles24RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles33 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles41.jpeg RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles29  RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles25RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles20 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles11RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles19 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles18 RestaurantSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles6

Resort Amenities and Activities:

When you stay on an island you can never get bored and Six Senses ensures that in every way possible. They have an array of activities to offer all the residents of the Félicité.

– The resort itself is like an adventure park with tons of activities and things to do. I would recommend checking out this piece of paradise before stepping foot outside Félicité.

-Home to a kaleidoscope of flora and fauna, the waters surrounding this island are worth diving into. Since this resort neighbours the famous marine sanctuary it’s not too difficult to spot exotic species floating right off the beach, especially turtles. We spent a few hours snorkeling in the pristine blue waters drifting over the reefs and was quite a delight. You can even opt for personalized scuba diving and snorkeling tours around the island. If you’re lucky you might spot dolphins too just as we did.

– This boutique stay also has an ocean front infinity pool which is surrounded by relaxing sunbeds on one end and the ocean on the other. I spent most of my time hanging around the edge of the pool where I could hear the waves break and watch little crabs running around the rocks below while the sun would melt in different colours. To set the mood there is Koko bar right around the corner for delish pool snacks and cocktails.

– This property looks like it is straight out of Pinterest. Rope swings and hammock beds dominate the relaxing scenario. Every corner creates a quintessential wanderlust location. The hammock beds near Koko bar looked like a total dream situation. With the sea below me and sky above, I was totally living the life.

-If soaking up in the sun isn’t quite enough you can hike up to the top of the hill through the jungle for a fabulous sunset spotting session. The chefs can also pack a light snack for you to carry.

-Occupying a prime location on Félicité , this property faces the famous islands of La Digue, Praslin, Coco, Marianne Islands, Grand Soeur where you can opt for a day tour or an island hopping session. Spend a day with the turtles in La Digue or swim with them around Coco island, there are plenty of options to choose from.

-If getting out of the comfort zone is not your thing then the best way to unwind is by trying some water activities. You could go kayaking, paddle boarding, hiring a yacht and going on a fishing trip, snorkeling, diving and much more.

-Guests can also relax in the library near the reception and get lost in your favourite book. Alternatively, explore the entire property on foot and you will be amazed to find some jaw dropping sights.

-On particular days the property also boasts an open air cinema where you can relax with your loved one and watch a movie under the stars.

– Nothing beats running on the treadmill while facing the turquoise waters. Their world class gym is perfectly sized and well equipped with everything you need including an oceanfront yoga pavilion.

– The resort also offers a scenic helicopter tour.

-If chilling is what you are looking at then you’re in the right place. You can either soak up on the beach or unwind at the world famous Six Senses Spa.




SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles59 SixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles65

The resort has four stunning white sand beaches which create serious wanderlust goals. With relaxing day beds and hammocks on the trees these beaches are seriously drool worthy. All of them offer spectacular sunset views and one of them looks toward La Digue. The white sand is so soft that your feet just sinks in. To enjoy impressive views and postcard pictures head to the Grand Anse beach, one of my favourites. I couldn’t help having visual orgasms at the sight of secluded beaches here and awe-inspiring views.


BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles6 BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles35.jpegBeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles19BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles12 BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles11 BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles13BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles4 BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles27BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles37.jpeg BeachSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles21

Six Senses Spa:
Everything you’ve heard about the Six Senses Spa is true in every sense. Dramatically positioned on the eastern side of the island, close to the sea, the spa is nothing short of spectacular. Keeping spiritual wellness at the epicenter of its harmony between the ocean and the island, the spa is home to a wide range of holistic treatments inspired by the flora and fauna of the island.

The spa reception is decorated with wooden components and dim lighting creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere. As you move out of the reception you will enter a parallel world something that seems absolutely unreal. Expect lush tropical foliage, massive boulders and pretty corners that will make you feel like you are in the midst of calm and tranquility. The rocks provide an idyllic backdrop for our tranquil indulgence. The five treatment rooms are perfectly built around these granite structures and can be accessed only by rope and wooden bridges, sounds exotic right?! The entrance to each and every spa room is so dramatic as though you were set on a little adventure. The Spa room we opted for, the Ocean Suite, was approachable through a tiny cave like structure.

Our deep tissue couples massage was everything that we were looking for. With the constant kneading and the sound of the waves lashing the rocks we were in the midst of harmony. The spa offers the ultimate relaxing journey because of the perfect blend of its phenomenal ocean facing location along with the islands eco system design.

Post therapy we walked up to the elevated salt water infinity pool which totally stole the show. Perched on the top of cliff, right on the edge overlooking the vast blue ocean, underneath the bright blue sky this was a total dream. Words can’t express the feeling of floating on top of the ocean while the sun goes down. That experience was so surreal, where the suns rays turned the sky into a canvas, the sea was calm and glistening with light, the sky was on fire, burning orange and we couldn’t spot a single soul, it was just us, high up on a mountain, living our life.

SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles24 SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles37
SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles3SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles32 SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles34
SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles79.jpeg SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles42 SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles92.jpegSpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles58  SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles59 SpaSixSensesZilPasyonSeychelles67


It is incredible how the entire property is built around the sustainability theme. Most of the products used for cleaning or otherwise are eco friendly.

Best time to visit:
Being a tropical destination the weather is always warm and sometimes humid without going into extremes. Félicité is outside the cyclone belt so storms are never an issue. They say the best time to visit the island are the months of April, May, October and November, as it’s the transition time between the winds. I visited Six Senses in May and the weather was just perfect, not too hot with little passing showers. Do expect higher fares and tons of tourists around October to February.

What I Loved:
The property redefines luxury in every way. From the moment you set foot on the island you are assigned your private butler (GEM) who will assist you and take care of all your needs. Our GEM Nhi was just a call away and available 24/7. She gave us a private tour of the property and attended to all our needs.
-It’s amazing how nature and luxury co exist forming the perfect eco chic luxury escape.
-I totally loved how isolated this island is, almost like you’re not living close to any sort of human existence. Even though the resort is full it never felt crowded.
-You will never be snorkeling alone. On a good sunny day there will always be a few tour boats that come around the island because of the rich marine life. Its always nice to have fellow snorkelers around.
-The hotels osmosis plant and refinery produces all the drinking water in the resort, which is served complimentary in the rooms.
-The digital lighting system in the room, hi-tech gadgets and twinkling pool lights truly define the luxury lifestyle we can expect during our stay.
-Félicité is so close to the famous marine sanctuary. You can just take a day trip or kayak all the way if the weather permits.
– Love the quotes that were put up every single day outside Island Cafe.
– Near the entrance of every beach there was a little hut made for showers and it stocked up with water and refreshments, a sofa and a phone to call for the buggy.
-Every little detail was well taken care of. Our room was equipped with beach sandals for two along with a hat, yoga mat, a plastic ziplock bag for your wet clothes and a gym bag.
-For me the beauty of the resort was in the remoteness, the fact that you are so far away on a private island makes the entire experience so exotic.


What differentiates it from other resorts?
-Private butlers assigned to each villa.
-Disconnecting on a private island
-The marine sanctuary nearby
-That perfect exotic vibe!

Wifi: The resort has free Wifi in all the rooms.

Currency: SCR(Seychellois Rupee)
Check the exact conversion on

Kid Friendly: Although the place is drop dead romantic it is indeed kid friendly too. The resort offers tons of activities for kids and they have a kids club too. Baby-sitting is available on request.

Visa: Irrespective of the nationality of the visitor, there are no visa requirements to enter Seychelles

FYI– Six Senses has tons of properties around the world. The Zil Pasyon Seychelles is just another wonderful addition to their existing luxurious collection.

Sticking true to the Six Senses heritage of unparalleled luxury, this property was no exception. I can’t thank the staff and management team enough for all the extra effort in making us feel so comfortable and special. They have truly honoured the meaning of island experience. The resort has a multi cultural staff that will ensure all your needs are well taken care of. I love how they have put together the most natural island setting with excellent personal service. Martin at the bar ensured that our cocktails were strong while Pankaj and Prem Chandra fed us well. Absolutely loved the private wine session and dinner with the resorts GM Mr. Hilton, it was great to have an insight about the resorts functioning. My heart melted as we bid goodbye to our butler Nhi and sat in our boat to head back to Praslin. A big thank you to Martin, Pankaj, Nhi, Prem Chandra, Mr Hilton and the entire team of Six Senses Zil Pasyon for one of the most luxurious experiences in my life.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon
T +248 467 1000


Seychelles for me was all about finding the beauty within. Nature does that to you, doesn’t it? It inspired me to knock on the doors of my heart and let gratitude sweep it off my ribcage. It was a total dream spending a week in a gigantic villa amidst lush greens and turquoise blues making me feel as though it is my own private sanctuary. Its amazing how you feel so secluded from your daily life but it’s this seclusion that almost connects you to being who you really are and this is not possible till you are somewhere or someplace that connects your soul, a place that makes you feel alive, a place that is rooted and steeped around nature, a place that I would love to go back to Six Senses Zil Pasyon.

After experiencing this luxurious lifestyle I was dreading my exile to the real world. Six Senses has definitely set a high benchmark for luxury island resort living in the Seychelles. I have travelled extensively across the globe but I definitely haven’t seen anything like this yet. It was the ultimate tropical island dream that came true.



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  1. Oh my God !
    All those beautiful pictures made me dream about an amazing beach vacation right now. The Hotel looks like a paradise and I would rather be there than at home for sure.
    We have only been to Luxury Resorts all over Mauritius put the Six Senses can compete with all of them !
    Thanks a lot and greetings

    1. Hi Amelie
      Oh yes, nothing beats Six Senses. They have some stunning properties all around the world and each one of them are class apart.
      If you can, the please do visit this one, you will be in awe!
      The trip is totally worth it!

  2. Simply stunning review! I am struggling because I want to go and book a spot with Six Senses right now. I can’t believe how beautiful it all is! The rooms are so open and the location is straight out of a movie. Love it!

    1. Hi Rachelle,
      Haha that’s so true. The Panoramic Villa was a dream!
      I am yet to see a better and spacious room, I just didn’t want to leave. The place is so beautiful and absolutely looks every bit of a tropical dream. Hope you visit it soon Xx

  3. Wow! Very informative and photogenic post here and now you got my lips wet by looking at this. I always wanted to go to the Seychelles but now I am thinking after reading this, that I should spend the extra and go for luxury. πŸ˜€ Beautiful photos, loving them πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Danik
      Oh yes, trust me the money spent is totally worth it. You will never see something more beautiful than this.
      The property was simply amazing.
      Glad you liked the photos πŸ™‚

  4. Here I am, on my way to work, reading your beautiful blog and being tortured by the pictures of Six Sense and Seychelles. What a gorgeous resort! I want to be there right now!

    1. Hi Glenda
      Honestly weather wise Seychelles is pretty much the same all year round. But if you’re looking at skipping the tourist traps then anytime between May to August is great, prices are lower too πŸ™‚

  5. The Seychelles are beautiful. I’ve never been, but my sister-in-law went for her honeymoon and from the pictures I saw, I’ve been smitten ever since. Six Senses Seychelles, in true fashion, looks absolutely incredible. I love the colors, the charm, and how relaxing it is! That infinity pool photo with the sunset is to die for! Dream resort for sure. πŸ™‚ We usually prefer adult-only places, but I’m putting this on our list for our next big anniversary trip anyway. Wow! Thank you for sharing such a great review with us!

    1. Hi Anna
      This will surely be the bets choice for your big anniversary trip, trust me πŸ™‚
      I am yet to see a more romantic and luxurious property. It was absolutely surreal and exotic in every way.
      I really hope you get to experience this soon πŸ™‚

  6. What a great detailed article about Six Sences Seychelles! I was wondering if it was kid friendly as well when I scrolled through your photo’s and I was very surprised you said it is! It does look like the perfect honeymoon destination and yes it looks utterly romantic! Lovely photos.

    1. Trust me I’m yet to see a more luxurious and exotic property!
      It’s absolutely beautiful and so romantic. I did see some kids around and passed by their kids club too, so definitely it is kid friendly πŸ™‚
      So glad you liked the photos πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Matt!
      Thanks so much.. It’s a beautiful place.
      You can definitely check their website to see what room category suits your budget but since it’s a luxurious resort the prices are absolutely worth it!

  7. I have also heard about this place by my HR. Last month he was there. But your pics and your explanation is more than enough to explain the beauty of this place, Surely in future, I would love to visit this place.

  8. Fabulous photos and in-depth description of the resort. I have to say Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places I have ever beenÒ€”but looks even more amazing from the Six Senses!

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