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Colmar is undoubtedly the most enchanting city of the Alsace region in Northern France. With a long glorious history, Colmar also happens to be the birthplace of Bartholdi, the man who sculpted The Statue of Liberty, hence, at the entrance of the town you will notice a miniature of the same.

After spending four nights in a Baden Baden, a small town in Black Forest Germany we were very keen on exploring the places nearby. Having heard so much about the Alsace region and after checking out several dreamy pictures online we thought this trip would be worth it.

This French town is almost on the North Eastern border and is around two hours away by road from Black Forest. We hired a car from SixT rental in Baden Baden and drove to France.

The drive was extremely beautiful (see the video below). After crossing Strasbourg, Colmar is just 45 mins away. As you enter the Northern France region there’s something about the air that makes you feel like you’re in paradise. On one side were colourful houses and on the other side a mountain and cloudy skies. There were little passing showers, which just made the weather so chilly. This town is an ideal day trip from Black Forest Germany or Strasbourg

On reaching Colmar, we got a little lost with the parking but then we found an underground system near the main town centre. After parking the car, we entered the main town area which was totally packed with tourists. If you get lost and you’re looking for the main centre, just ask someone for Little Venice or The Fishmonger’s district.

The soothing violin tunes of the street artists welcomed us on the cobbled streets which were surrounded by chalk box coloured half timbered houses. When you look around you will notice a few bridged canals topped with beautiful flowers and a canal going through. You will be amazed at how well these medieval buildings are preserved, with streaks of wood showing everywhere.

Words cant describe the beauty of this town. It seemed like all kids got together, coloured houses and got a toy train to roam around in. Each and every house is a bright colour, there’s a toy train taking tourists around, no cars only people and a little canal area with a boat ride called the Little Venice. The city centre is totally traffic free.  There are a zillion beautiful cafes and wine bars where you can relax and sip your drink. There are musicians ready to cheer you up and you will be in awe once you see the colourful houses. Also don’t be surprised if you spot a lane full of high street brands like H&M, Pimkie and some amazing local stores.

The best way to explore the old town is by walking. Also, you can take a horse carriage ride, a toy train ride or opt for a boat tour in the Little Venice as it’s a great way to discover the beautiful houses. The town also has several churches, libraries, and museums.

Quaintness aside, you can just soak into the traditional Alsace village atmosphere here. Since this town is considered to be the capital of Alsatian wine, don’t leave without trying it.

It’s an ideal place to spend your summer or winter. I can totally imagine what this place would look like during Christmas, it’s already so dreamy! I would definitely recommend spending a night here if you have time.

We travelled in the month of July and the weather was around 15 degrees in Colmar with a slight wind making it a little chilly. Choose your best outfit as you will click loads of amazing pictures. According to me a coloured dress or a skirt with a jacket would be ideal. Also, since youre going to walk a lot make sure to wear the most comfortable shoes.

For more information about this place you can log on to the link below:

If there’s a place you would want to get lost in, it has to be Colmar. I’ve never ever seen a town so happy, dreamy and colourful!!!

Do check out the pictures and videos below..


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