5 Time Saving Apps in Dubai

They say ”Time is money” and I couldn’t agree more. In this fast paced life it is so important to work smarter and not harder. We are lucky we live in a generation where we don’t have to run around for our daily chores and if you still do that then you’re just wasting time on the wrong things.

I often get asked how I manage my daily life with the constant travelling. When I’m back in Dubai I barely get time to run errands with meetings lined up and projects to complete but I’m a total tech freak and I use my smartphone to simplify things in my life. With just one click I get almost half my work done, well, convenience is the key. It’s amazing how technology helps you save time. Whether you are a housewife or an entrepreneur if you have a busy lifestyle and want to make things more convenient then you must download these 5 apps right away!

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Ever heard of laundry on demand? It’s so amazing to finally have a laundry service that will cater to our busy schedule. Washmen is a laundry and dry cleaning app where you can request pickups and drop offs within 30-minute time windows, that means you don’t have to spend your precious weekends washing clothes. It’s pretty much the Uber for laundry. The payments are taken care of in the app itself.

I highly recommend you to give this a try. All you have to do is download the Washmen App, select the choices given and set up a pick up and drop off time, leave your laundry at the door and voila! It’s done… That’s it! One tap, laundry done.

The best part about this app is that they provide the best prices on shirts, summer dresses and their All You Can Wash Bag (only 65aed). For people like me who have no time to do their laundry the best thing is their INSTA-ORDER. It makes the whole process faster and easier, you can place your order in less than five seconds and get a special price too. It is total convenience right at your doorstep.

Available on: iTunes/Android – Free


This is one of the best food delivery services in Dubai. This app is just perfect if you’re craving food from your favourite restaurant that doesn’t deliver. It saves your time to go all the way down and pick up your meal. Instead pick a restaurant from the list and order your favourite dish, they will deliver it right at your doorstep. It’s just ideal for that office lunch time meal or when you’re just too lazy to cook or step out.

Available on: iTunes/Android – Free

3.Green SteaM

Don’t have time for a car wash? Tired of waiting in long Emarat queues? Flaunting a muddy car after the sand storm? You don’t have to worry anymore. Green SteaM has come to our rescue. It’s Dubai’s first mobile eco friendly steam clean car wash service. Simply download the app, register as a customer, choose your location and book your service, voila! A clean shiny car is what you will get without waiting in any lines. You could be sitting in your meeting, working from your office or looking after your baby, this will be a total rescue.

Available on: iTunes/Android – Free

It’s commendable how online grocery shopping is slowly taking over the entire hypermarket scene. Trolley is one such successful business concept. This is my go to app for daily grocery shopping. From fruits, vegetables, breads and cereals to all sorts of gadgets, stationery, baby products and toys, they have it all. They deliver to most of the prominent locations in Dubai.

Available on: iTunes/Android – Free

I’m sure everyone is aware of this app. For those who aren’t or those who haven’t tried it yet, trust me, it is a lifesaver. This app provides you the most reliable ride within minutes. We all know what a task it is waiting for cabs especially when you have an important meeting to attend or a flight to catch. I always land up using this during my airport visits or when I go to Dubai mall, definitely can’t go through the parking hassle there. If you haven’t downloaded it yet I suggest give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Available on: iTunes/Android – Free


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