10 things to do in Bruges

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The thought of putting down my Belgium travel experience brings back so many memories from my last year’s big fat summer holiday. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier travel post, our entire Euro trip was planned around Tomorrowland (review and details coming soon) the music festival in Belgium. Since we were staying in Antwerp we thought of exploring the famous small towns nearby. If you’re ever travelling to Belgium, I would recommend you spare a day and drive down to these beautiful spots. We only got to spend a few hours, hoping to come back some day and spend some more time.

For all those who don’t know about Bruges, well, it’s an impeccably scenic small town in the North West of Belgium. A short drive from Antwerp, this medieval town with cobbled stone streets, horse carriages, dreamy canals, buzzing squares, traditional houses and a rich history is totally a picture perfect place and a great spot to spend a weekend!
P.S: Remember the Aamir Khan starrer ‘’PK?”(Bollywood), it was shot in Bruges!

Here are top 10 things to do in Bruges:
1) Grote Markt & Burg Square: This is the main square and is located in the heart of the city. You will find the famous gothic town hall, Bruges Stadhius and the Belfry right around it. The centre is buzzing and beautiful.

2) Climb the Belfry: Standing 83 m tall, it can be seen from anywhere. Beware there are 366 steep steps, but once you reach the top, the incredible view makes up for all the effort. I didn’t get a chance to go inside but would love to next time.

3) Horse carriage: You could also cosy up on a backseat of a horse carriage and enjoy Bruges as you relax with your loved one.

4) Try the Belgian Beer: You have to try the beer in Belgium, it’s the best in the world. Beer is to the Belgians what wine is to the French! They also have a famous brewery that you could go to. Click the link for details- halvemaan.be

5) Canal Tour: This 30 minute boat ride will cruise along the canals to give you an overview of the city and its also a great way to relax and admire the preserved architecture. It just makes sightseeing easier and fun! You could also try the segaway tour or just walk it up.

6) Eat Belgian Chocolate: No trip would be complete without sampling the delicious chocolates from here and Bruges offers some of the best in the country. I packed a lot for friends and family too. I would recommend you to buy different varieties and only from the chocolate shops. You could also visit the Chocolate Museum (www.choco-story.be/ENG)

7) Lot of spaces where you can stop, relax, eat and soak in the beauty of this medieval town. Sample the local Flemish food or indulge in Belgian fries, waffles and mussels from the local bistros and cafes on the square.

8) Bruges has tons of spots where several movies have been shot (Hollywood & Bollywood). To visit these locations just ask for a ‘movie map’ from the tourist information centre. (bezoekers.brugge.be/map-2)

9) Luc Vanlaere enchants all those who stop in the Old Sint Jan’s Hospital. For 40 minutes, the Bruges harp player manages to move young and old with his magisterial sounds. A concert you will never forget! (From Tuesday to Saturday, at 3.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m. and 6.30 p.m)

10) If you’re into history and want to visit museums and churches, do check out The Church of our Lady, Hospital Museum, Groeninge Museum, the Lover’s Lake, Begijnhof, Gruuthuse Museum,

The best way to enjoy every corner is to walk. If you’re feeling a little adventurous then hop on to a segaway or take a horse carriage ride (very romantic). Also the canal tours are a great way to see the town from another angle. You could also opt for a hot air balloon ride or sit in a city tour bus.

We hired a car from Antwerp and drove to Bruges. The drive was so beautiful and it took us around 1.5 hours (106km). You could also fly down to Antwerp or Brussels and take a train to Bruges. Train tickets can be booked from www.belgianrail.be/en. Honestly we found hiring a car more convenient because then you don’t have any time restrictions. Also parking spots are easily available ten minutes away from the city centre.

We travelled in the month of July, it was supposed to be warm but for me it was too cold. The weather is always cooler and damp in Belgium. The temperature kept fluctuating and it was between 13 to 20 degrees. I carried a jacket with me all the time. For this day trip I chose to wear a matching set which was extremely comfortable for walking and exploring. Please do wear comfortable shoes, a closed pair (sneakers or boots) is ideal. If you’re crazy about pictures just like me then do wear a bright colour. The town is so picturesque and every corner is worth capturing.
Check out the details of my look here: The Matching Set

Do remember the summer months are extremely packed with tourists, so try and visit the town during a weekday to avoid crazy crowds. Book your hotels well in advance. June to August is definitely the best time to visit this town. Later, the temperature falls driving the tourist season away. You’ll notice a huge dip in the hotel prices too.

-Buying the local Belgian chocolate
-Trying the Belgian Beer
-Shopping local lace, supposed to be very popular
-Walking around the canal or taking a canal tour
-Horse carriage ride


LANGUAGE SPOKEN: Flemish (a Dutch dialect) is the local language but the people in Bruges have a good command over English too.

NOTE: Consider spending a night here so you could admire the city once the sun goes down. You could also take Tour of World War 1 Battlefields or walk to the outskirts to view the Windmills in action. After spending a few hours in Bruges we drove to Ghent, a quaint neighborhood town but not as beautiful as Bruges.
For more information about this place you can log on to this website: www.bezoekers.brugge.be/en

From boutique hotels, scrumptious chocolates and beer to medieval history and picturesque movie locations, Bruges has plenty to offer to every traveller! It was absolutely dreamy.




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Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town -Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town -Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town -Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town – Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town – Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town – Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town – Ghent


Spent a few hours in the neighbouring town – Ghent


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