TikTok- A global hit

TikTok is a great platform where everyone gets to create and discover real, interesting, and fun short-form mobile videos everyday. TikTok offers a home for creative expression, encouraging users to share real moments from their lives, and delivering a personalized video feed based on what they watch, like, and share. TikTok enables everyone to be a creator, and encourages users to share their passion and creative expression through their videos. The diverse content offered on the platform ensures that every viewer finds something suited to their interests. 

TikTok encourages every user to create videos based on their life experiences that are useful, relatable, and entertaining, as it aids their amplification and the appeal value. Posting on TikTok also encourages community building by bringing together people who share similar interests.  TikTok users get to learn about a variety of topics in a simplified manner with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

TikTok focuses on the discovery feed and rewards creativity. This means that every TikTok user has the potential to create viral videos, as long as the content is exciting and meaningful. Whether you are looking for the best tips to improve fitness or want to stay motivated through the day or learn a new language or pick up steps to dance at your friend’s wedding, TikTok has something for everyone. 

Here are the videos for some of the popular categories that you must check out:

Motivation: Mahendra Dogney (@mdmotivation164) is a motivational speaker with 3.3 million followers on TikTok. He is an extremely well-liked creator and regularly updates his channels with topics such as ‘life lessons’, ‘why action is louder than words’, ‘why you should avoid repeating the same mistakes’, and ‘why you should do things that you love to do’. 

Health and Fitness: Sakshi Khattar (@fitness365days) is a health and fitness guru on TikTok.  She offers byte-sized tips that can help you to remain in the pink of your health. She shares tips on staying hydrated, healthy snack options, ways to protect the body from pollution, as well as the importance of sleep for rejuvenating the body. 

DIY: @diy_ok offers DIY tips and tricks for everything under the sun to kick-start your creativity. The channel has videos on ways to repurpose wine bottles, how to draw on glass mugs, making candles from soft-drinks, and making coloured soaps. Get inspired to start DIY projects by checking out the videos here.

Learn a new language: Fancy learning Korean? Hun (@Koreanhoon) provides you a daily dose of Korean. He makes short and entertaining videos to teach Korean phrases and common words. His videos also focus on pronunciation to help with fluency. 

Shall We Dance?: Even if you are born with two left feet, Nidhi Kumar (@nidhikumardance) can teach you how to groove. Nidhi is a professional dancer, and her videos have her dancing to the chartbusters. 

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